2018 Scholarship Documents/Post-conference feedback

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2018 Scholarship Committee Documents

2018 scholarship recipients shared post-conference feedback with the Scholarship Committee via anonymous survey (questions are below). Additional feedback is available to members of the 2018 Local Planning Committee as well as future local planning and scholarship committees. After answering each question, survey takers indicated sharing permission for that set of comments: "Who may see feedback about [survey question]?" Please contact the 2018 Scholarship Committee for more information.

Application process

Please tell us about your experience with the scholarship application process, including the call for applications, application form and requirements, and any other reflections and experiences.

  • "The application process was incredibly quick and painless. The hardest part was writing about why I thought I deserved the scholarship without allowing the impostor syndrome to kick in."
  • "The application process seemed pretty straightforward. I could see how some students could find it difficult get a reference from a professor if they work full time in another field while going to school."


Please tell us about your experience communicating with the Scholarship Committee during the application processes, planning process, and conference.

  • "Communication was amazing, but at times overwhelming. The information dump lead me to missing some important aspects of the conference for scholarship winners - such as the buddy system."

Buddy system

If you participated in the conference buddy system, please tell us about your experience.

  • "I did not participate in the buddy system because I missed that in the scholarship emails."

Conference logistics & travel planning

Please tell us about your experience with travel planning and conference logistics, including working with Concentra, the Scholarship Committee, and any other resources.

  • "The only complaint I have about logistics, is that there was no obvious way to book a hotel room and have it charged to the scholarship fund. I ended up placing the reservation myself, and having the scholarship committee later add the reservation to the scholarship fund."

Conference attendance

Please tell us about your experience attending the conference.

  • "A++++ would do again in a heartbeat if given the opportunity."

Additional feedback

Please use this space to share anything else you'd like us to know.