2020 Code4Lib T-Shirt Design Competition

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Starting Friday, January 10, 2020, we are issuing a two week long open call for a logo design that will be featured on the front of the Code4Lib 2020 Conference t-shirt. The winning logo will be based on a popular vote, which will commence after the submission process closes.

Please submit your high-quality image to the Submissions section of this wiki page. You can host the image yourself or use the Upload file feature of the wiki. Be sure to include your name and email address!



  • Along with your image, name, and email address, you can add a line or two of explanatory text, color specifications, etc., which will be included with your design when voting begins.
  • Place a horizontal rule (----) on a separate line after your submission.
  • Original art only, please!
  • The screen-printers generally need vector art files (ai, .cdr, .eps & .pdf).

The t-shirt color will (probably) be black, but we can look into changing the color depending on the design that is ultimately selected. If the winning design's assumed color is something other than the traditional black, we will try to get the t-shirts in the requested color. If that color is not feasible, the logo will default to white or gray, depending on the requested design contrast, on a black t-shirt.

(Please stick to a color scheme that folks who are colorblind will be able to see.)

Sample Submission

Joe Ouroboros, joe@loopback.edu :


This is my awesome design. It'll win one of these years.

Not sure how to submit your image? Check out https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Editing_pages for more information about editing a page! Here's a template for what the wikitext should look like when you submit your image:

Name, email address :
[[Image:Name of image file you uploaded]]
Explanatory text


Jenny Brandon, jbrandon@msu.edu : Code4liblogo brandonThumb.png

Image is reminiscent of the smelting of steel, which Pittsburgh is known for. I have the Illustrator file, wouldn't allow upload of .ai file.

Scott Carlson, scottythered@gmail.com:

Scottcarlsondesign.png Scottcarlsonshirt.png

A love-letter to Pittsburgh, cultural home of the modern zombie.

Moon image used is a CC0-licensed image from https://pxhere.com/en/photo/494429.