2024 Scholarship Documents/Timeline

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2024 Scholarship Committee Documents

The 2023 Scholarship Committee used this timeline to track tasks and deadlines. Committee members signed up for tasks based on interest and capacity.

Task / milestone Date(s) Notes Team
Call for committee volunteers 10/2022 ALL
Initial committee meetings 12/05/22 ALL as available
Finalize the number of scholarship recipient seats to hold for registration Chair
Finalize call for applications & application format 12/12/22
Put out call for applications 01/05/24 Includes identifying channels, communities, organizations to target
Review evaluation rubric 12/12/23
Application deadline 01/31/24
Confirm application receipt Applicants will receive a confirmation when submitting the form.
Review & rate applications individually 02/07/24 "Individually" as in each committee member ALL
Committee meeting to discuss applications, choose recipients N/A Committee will communicate via email during the review but will set up a meeting if needed ALL - multiple meetings if needed or send written feedback
Finalize number of available scholarships; notify LPC of registration spots to release Budget & sponsorship committees
Notify recipients, waitlisted, non-recipients; ask recipients for confirmation 02/15/24
Recipients confirm participation 01/27/24
Follow up with waitlisted applicants
Announce awardees 02/01/24
Recruit conference buddies 02/01/24 Send an email awardees and the listserv to recruit
Send a reminder for the buddy program 02/08/24
Match awardees with conference buddies 02/15/24 Assume ongoing basis - some awardees may change their minds or people may volunteer late
Travel & housing planning A Very Informative Email like logistics
Coordinate with CONCENTRA: awardee names & contact email Rolling as confirmations come in
Coordinate with conference MC(s): scholarship winners recognition, name pronunciation
Conference guide / social stuff email ALL
Conference! 03/14/23-03/17/23
Group lunch
Lessons learned ALL
Post-conference feedback Create & send survey, review feedback (survey & email), ALL (review feedback)
Documentation Share committee documents & participant feedback with other committees and/or post on wiki as appropriate