23-02-2010 Mtg Notes

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Action Item Notes from Code4Lib 2010 Meeting 23 February 2010, Asheville, NC on ILS Interoperability

Attendees: Ross Singer, Andrew Nagy, Bess Sadler, Naomi Dushay, Terry Reese, Jill Sexton, Emily Lynema, Demian Katz, Jennifer Bowen, Karen Coombs, Godmar Back, Roy Tennant

Goal: To collaboratively develop a middleware infrastructure for enabling discovery layers such as Blacklight, VUFind, Summon, WorldCat Local, SOPAC, Scriblio, etc. to interoperate with integrated library systems to accomplish specific functions (e.g., discover if an item is checked out, place a hold, etc.).

Action Items:

1) Roy will circulate action item notes to the group. [We should all also forward these to potentially interested parties not at this meeting]

2) Emily offered up the DLF ILS Interoperability list as the mailing list for this group. It is at <http://groups.google.com/group/ils-di> [ignore the description for now]. All participants should join this group.

3) Roy twill create a wiki page for the group on the Code4Lib wiki. This is now available at: <http://wiki.code4lib.org/index.php/ILS_Interop>. Please feel free to add to or edit this page and related pages. There is a link to this page from <http://wiki.code4lib.org/> under the “Interest Group” heading

4) The group will meet again for lunch at Code4Lib on Wed. 24 February to further discuss this project.

5) We will all work on building a "to do" list on the wiki page noted above and assign relative priorities and assign responsibility.

6) To move the work of the group forward, Roy and Karen will schedule a regular series of conference calls using OCLC's toll-free conference call system.

7) Emily will provide a list of potential functions on the wiki based on her DLF ILS TF work.

8) Everyone will collaborate on creating a chart of ILS systems of interest and what connectors already exist for specific systems (e.g., VUFind, Blacklight, etc.) and what those connectors are capable of (e.g., retrieve circ info, place a hold, etc.).

9) One of the first "to do" items may need to be a review of the various strengths and weaknesses of using either Jangle or XC's NCIP toolkit or some third choice for developing this infrastructure.