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This page is intended to collect resources related to accessibility as a result from the code4lib 2018 breakout discussions.

Accessibility Resources

From C4L18

Critical Mass Accessibility - Lightning talk given by Kate Deibel at C4L 2018; A call to create a library accessibility community.

Other resources

Awesome-A11Y - pretty comprehensive list of specifications, guides, articles, and talks.


Assessing Third Party Vendors for Accessibility

Before purchasing electronic resources, you should verify if they are accessible and not take the vendor's word (or VPAT).

What questions should you ask to assess the accessibility of a vendor's product? The University of Washington] and Kent State University (KSU) (The questions on KSU's form can also viewed as a PDF) require prospective vendors to complete a questionnaire. 

Web Accessibility Policies

Some public libraries (Sacramento, Chicago) are officially organized and structured as a government entity underneath and adopt policies of their general city.

Others (NYPL) that are self managed and adopt their own web accessibility policies.

NYPL Web Accessibility Policy

Chicago Public Library's Bibliocommons policy and their general website accessibility policies.

Complaints filed against libraries

National Federation of the Blind vs. Sacramento Public Library, 2012.