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We did quick intros of who each of us is and why we are interested in being on this working group.


  • Lead developer at Penn State Libraries, leading team in a move from Adobe CQ5 to Drupal. Previously worked at NCSU Libraries.
  • Interested in this group to help make the conference site better


  • Electronics Resource Librarian at Notre Dame
  • Interested in improving the scheduling aspects of the site


  • Web Services Librarian at NYC College of Technology, currently migrating a Drupal site from 6 to 7, using Twitter Bootstrap
  • Likes the community and wants to pitch in and help out


  • UX Designer for Cornell Libraries, front end coding


  • Systems Librarian at California College of the Arts
  • Likes the community and wants to help, sees the site as functional but confusing


  • Currently an Emerging Technologies librarian at Pratt
  • Wants to help out as the Documentarian and find out ways we can improve sustainability


What is wrong with the current site?

  • Content is in several different places: the conference site, the wiki, external services. Leads to confusion.
  • People couldn't find the streaming channel in previous conferences
  • Confusing schedule matrices are a problem for all conference sites and we should spend time on getting this right for 2016
  • It isn't mobile-friendly, the fact that participants print the schedule is probably a sign of that problem
  • There are problems with not knowing what to do, when.
  • Design (we should consider an easier upgrade to something like Twitter Bootstrap)
  • User account system isn't great. Newcomers feel like they are putting someone out in order to get an account. Account registration happens last minute. Some don't participate because of this barrier. (-> perhaps provisioning accounts when participants register for the conference would be a good idea)
  • Another idea, displaying the code4lib hashtag feed somewhere on the site might be valuable for information dissemenation