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* [https://www.pinnaclepierhotel.com Pinnacle Hotel]: Rates start at $229.00/night.
* [https://www.pinnaclepierhotel.com Pinnacle Hotel]: Rates start at $229.00/night.
* [http://www.lonsdalequayhotel.com Lonsdale Hotel]: Rates start at $159.50/night non-refundable or $206.25/night refundable.
* [http://www.lonsdalequayhotel.com Lonsdale Hotel]: Rates start at $159.50/night (non-refundable) or $206.25/night (refundable).
=== Sponsors ===
=== Sponsors ===

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Welcome to Code4Lib BC! Begun in Summer 2013, this chapter aims to create connections and professional development opportunities for folks from British Columbia and surrounding areas.

Seventh Annual Code4Lib BC Unconference 2019

  • Thursday, 28 November and Friday, 29 November

This year's Code4Lib BC will be held on the North Shore of Metro Vancouver, and jointly hosted by West Vancouver Memorial Library and Capilano University. The Thursday events will be held at the West Vancouver Memorial Library. Friday's activities will be held at Capilano University's main campus. Stay tuned for details on transportation, accommodations, and much more.

What's it all about?

It's a 2-day unconference - a participant-driven meeting bringing together a diverse and open community of library developers and non-developers engaging in effective, collaborative problem-solving through technology regardless of their department or background.

The event will feature lightning talks, breakout sessions, with coffee, tea and snacks provided. Lightning talks are brief presentations which are typically 10 minutes in length on topics related to library technologies. Breakout sessions are an opportunity to bring participants together in an ad hoc fashion for a short, yet sustained period of problem solving, software development and fun. If there is a neat project you're been working on, a cool new tool you want to show off, or an interesting development in the world of library technology that you want to discuss, Code4Lib BC is a great opportunity to share with the community!

  • What's included: wifi, power, coffee/snacks, lunches, prizes.
  • What's NOT included/what to bring: a laptop, dinner, your ideas and enthusiasm.
  • Code of Conduct: As a Code4Lib event, we adhere to the Code4Lib Code of Conduct, which seeks to provide a welcoming, harassment-free environment.

Lightning Talk and Breakout Session Ideas

Is there a neat project you've been working on, a cool new tool you want to show off, or an interesting development in the world of library technology that you want to discuss?




Do you have dietary restrictions? Let us know when you register.


  • Lonsdale Hotel: Rates start at $159.50/night (non-refundable) or $206.25/night (refundable).


While Code4Lib BC no longer solicits sponsorship, we want to acknowledge the contributions of our hosts:

as well as continued administrative and fiscal support from the BC Libraries Cooperative.


  • Kevin Brash
  • Michel Castagné
  • Glen Greenly
  • Maryann Kempthorne
  • Patricia Lesku
  • Jennifer O'Donnell
  • Fiacre O'Duinn
  • Rebecca Slaven
  • Andrea Tartaglio

Comments or questions? Get in touch with us at c4lbc-organizers@googlegroups.com.

Past Events

See our past events page.