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==No Starch Press==
==No Starch Press==
* [http://nostarch.com/lisp.htm Land of Lisp]
* [http://nostarch.com/ejs| Eloquent Javascript]
* [http://nostarch.com/lyah.htm| Learn You a Haskell for Great Good!]
== O'Reilly ==
== O'Reilly ==

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Book Raffle

It would be nice to hit up some publishers for books to raffle off at the conference. If you've got ideas add them below under the name of the publisher. Most tech publishers have user group coordinators that are more than happy to make donations available.




Morgan & Claypool Publishers

Morgan Kaufmann

No Starch Press


  • ...

Oxygen XML

  • Licenses

Packt Publishing

  • ...

Pragmatic Programmers