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Code4Lib 2010 social activities


New breweries opening

Original Proposal (suggests some nearby events)

Asheville Beer Hashtag

Planned events

Plan one if you like! Either on your own or you can join the social activities committee.

Asheville Brews Cruise

"Experience a taste of Asheville’s thriving local beer scene with an exclusive tour of three of our award-winning microbreweries." - http://www.brewscruise.com/asheville/

This activity will be Tuesday night starting at 6pm and leaving from the hotel. First stop will be the Asheville Pizza & Brewing Co. to sample 16-20 different beers and eat some pizza (food billed separately). Then two more stops at the French Broad Brewery and the Highland Brewing Company for more beer sampling and learning about their brewery process.

The cost will be $40/person (not including pizza). The minimum number of folks we need is 16. There is no maximum.

Beer Cruise Signup

Please indicate interest in the Beer Cruise by adding your name to the list below. We'll figure out a way to coordinate and communicate the details somewhere down the line.

  1. Jay Luker (organizer)
  2. Mike Giarlo (inebriator)
  3. Rob Casson (drunk)
  4. Declan Fleming (beer receptacle)
  5. Jim Safley (recovering teetotaler)
  6. Ian Walls (epicurean of ale)
  7. Bill Erickson (burp)
  8. Christopher Spalding (thirsty)
  9. Jon Gorman (imbiber of that which is good)
  10. Lori Stethers (token female)
  11. Carol Ou (beer enthusiast)
  12. Cristóbal Palmer (Reinheitsgebot skeptic)
  13. Tod Olson (enabler)
  14. Mark Matienzo (alefounder)
  15. Sibyl Schaefer (barfly)
  16. Laney McGlohon (brewmaster's assistant)
  17. Tania Fersenheim (Gold Medalist - Ithaca Beerlympics - Summer 1993)
  18. Melissa Manolis (Beer lacky and Librarian Groupie)
  19. Greg McClellan (brews hound)
  20. Mark Gallagher (Thing 1)
  21. Matt Bachtell (Thing 2)
  22. Sarah Kahn (has no title)
  23. Eric James (pour)
  24. Ray Schwartz (mighty thirsty)
  25. Jason Stirnaman (all about the stout)
  26. Mike Flakus (ipa all the way)
  27. Ben Florin (sounds neat--what's "beer"?)
  28. Ryan Wick (it comes in pints?)
  29. Sam Kome (have churchkey, will travel)
  30. Joe Atzberger

12 Bones BBQ Lunch Excursion

12 Bones BBQ is widely considered the best BBQ in Asheville [*]. However it is only open from 11-4, M-F. I would like to organize a lunchtime excursion via taxi or maybe hotel shuttle. According to google maps it is only a five minute drive from the hotel, so should be doable within our lunch window.

This excursion is tentatively scheduled for lunchtime on Wednesday, February 24th.

BBQ Excursion Signup

For the time being please indicate interest in the BBQ excursion by adding your name to the list below. We'll figure out a way to coordinate and communicate the details somewhere down the line.

  • Jay Luker (organizer)
  • Mike Giarlo (consumer)
  • Rob Casson (glutton)
  • Declan Fleming (condor)
  • Erik Hatcher (carnivore)
  • Christopher Spalding (digs swine)
  • Mike Durbin (Porkaholic)
  • Jeremy Frumkin (alloftheabove)
  • Jon Gorman (Aficionado of smoke, flame, and good sauces)
  • Rosalyn Metz (i <3 pulled pork + cornbread)
  • Michael Klein (EAT PIG)
  • Mark Matienzo (saucy fellow)
  • Sibyl Schaefer (finger licker)
  • Greg McClellan (Mmmm... Pig)
  • Ranti Junus (beef and chicken cheerleader)
  • Tania Fersenheim (can't think of any non-vulgar tag lines)
  • Matt Bachtell (hope they have vinegar based BBQ)
  • Ray Schwartz (I eat vegetarians)
  • Dileshni Jayasinghe (I just like to eat)
  • Joe Atzberger (con carne)
  • Michael Doran (eastcoast style smoked pigmeat... mmmm)

Newcomer Dinner

First time at code4lib? Join fellow c4l newbies and veterans for an evening of food, socializing, and stimulating discussions about the many uses of bacon.

Code4Lib veterans, you're invited too. Join us in welcoming the newcomers!

Tentative plans (more information to come)

  • When: Monday evening
  • Where: Meet in hotel lobby, restaurant TBA
  • Newbie herders (hosts): Emily Lynema, Rosalyn Metz, and Becky Yoose (Main herder)

Working Out

Gotta make up for that BBQ excursion somehow. Let's work out! Ideas: jogging or CrossFitting (Monday evening, 5:30pm or 6:30pm). Signup:

  • Erik Hatcher (game for both jogging and CrossFitting, bring it!)
  • Erik Mitchell (Run downtown asheville or the parkway? - great 12 mile climb up the parkway around Pisgah Mtn.), How about a Code4Lib half-marathon? (Why NOT! Let's do a Half Marathon) - Ray Schwartz
    • Bike riding - yes might be sketchy given our current weather
    • Hike up Looking Glass Rock [1]
  • Emily Lynema (game for jogging, hiking, walking, jumping jacks; not crazy enough for parkway running!)
  • Ray Schwartz (game for a run - why not a half marathon?!).
  • Rick Johnson (Training for a Half-Marathon in March and looking to fit in a 10, 12 ,and 8 mile run while in town. Was originally thinking I would go early in the morning: 6:30 or 7. May not be able to run together everytime but definitely looking for suggestions on good routes)