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Code4Lib 2010 social activities


New breweries opening

Original Proposal (suggests some nearby events)

Asheville Beer Hashtag

Planned events

Plan one if you like! Either on your own or you can join the social activities committee.

Asheville Brews Cruise

"Experience a taste of Asheville’s thriving local beer scene with an exclusive tour of three of our award-winning microbreweries." - http://www.brewscruise.com/asheville/

A big shout out to Talis for stepping up and sponsoring a portion of this event. Our first stop on the cruise will be a brewery slash pizza joint and Talis has generously offered to pay for our pizza. Yay!


  1. Pickup from the hotel is tentatively scheduled for 6:15pm. Those who haven't pre-paid should try to get there a little early.
  2. Stop #1 will be the Asheville Pizza & Brewing Co. where we will sample 16-20 different beers and consume our delicious, alcohol-absorbing, Talis-sponsored pizza.
  3. Stop #2 will be Highland Brewing Company, "Asheville's 1st and largest brewing company"
  4. Stop #3 will be the French Broad Brewery which "specializes in a variety of European style beers."
  5. Expected return to the hotel is around 9:30-10pm

Cost & Payment

The cost for the cruise is $40 per person. You have one options for paying:

  1. Bring $40 with you on the night of the cruise. I've been told they have a hand-held credit card machine for the cash-strapped.

UPDATE: I've had enough people prepay. Just bring cash or a credit card on Tuesday night.


Sorry, the event is full! We were forced to set a limit of 48 persons due to that's the max number of folks that will fit into two party buses, plus we don't want to overwhelm the staffs at the breweries. There is, however, a waitlist that someone started below.

  1. Jay Luker (organizing, not driving) - paid
  2. Mike Giarlo (inebriator) - paid
  3. Rob Casson (drunk) - paid
  4. Declan Fleming (beer receptacle) - paid
  5. Jim Safley (recovering teetotaler)
  6. Ian Walls (epicurean of ale)
  7. Christopher Spalding (thirsty)
  8. Jon Gorman (imbiber of that which is good) - paid
  9. Lori Stethers (token female)
  10. Carol Ou (beer enthusiast) - paid
  11. Cristóbal Palmer (Reinheitsgebot skeptic)
  12. Tod Olson (enabler) - paid
  13. Mark Matienzo (alefounder) - paid
  14. Sibyl Schaefer (barfly)
  15. Tania Fersenheim (Gold Medalist - Ithaca Beerlympics - Summer 1993)
  16. Melissa Manolis (Beer lacky and Librarian Groupie)- paid
  17. Greg McClellan (master of beerology and beeronomy)- paid
  18. Mark Gallagher (Thing 1)
  19. Matt Bachtell (Thing 2)
  20. Eric James (pour)
  21. Ray Schwartz (mighty thirsty)
  22. Mike Flakus (ipa all the way)
  23. Ben Florin (sounds neat--what's "beer"?) - paid
  24. Ryan Wick (it comes in pints?) - paid
  25. Sam Kome (have churchkey, will travel) - paid
  26. Joe Atzberger - paid
  27. Brendan Gallagher
  28. Chris Beer
  29. Tom Keays (growler) - paid
  30. Ross Singer (empty vessel waiting to be filled)
  31. Eric Hellman (49 IBU) - paid
  32. Cody Hennesy (don't mind if i do) - paid
  33. Michael Vandenburg
  34. Stephen Meyer (Wisconsinite)
  35. Andrew Nagy
  36. Rosalyn Metz - paid
  37. Esmé Cowles - paid
  38. Sean Hannan (Peer Pressured) - paid
  39. Scott Garrison (just made it by the froth of his beer?) - paid
  40. Dan Suchy ( [no longer] late and now full of gratitude) - paid
  41. Spencer Lamm
  42. Robert Haschart
  43. Dea Rice (Duchess of Ales)
  44. Ed Corrado
  45. Sean Chen
  46. David Bucknum
  47. Chris Sharp
  48. Peter Murray

There is a max of 48 persons for this event. Sorry!

Wait List

I'll try to monitor the waitlist and add folks automatically if someone else drops out. Would be a good idea to specify an email address or some other means of contact so that I can notify you if you make it in.

Paid, but can't go list
  1. Cary Gordon (hip hoppist) - refunded

Non-beer-related Tuesday night activities

Dinner at Somewhere Other Than the Laughing Seed

Meet in the hotel lobby at 6pm. I (Julia) am going to try to call and make reservations during the afternoon break; check back after break for updates.

UPDATE: The Laughing Seed is closed on Tuesday. Whoops. Let's meet in the lobby at 6pm and figure out a plan from there.

What about: Rosetta's Kitchen http://rosettaskitchen.com/

  1. Julia Bauder
  2. Emily Lynema (Julia, I might be running a few minutes late if we can not make the res. right at 6pm if possible). (JB: Sure, I was going to make the reservations for 6:30, to give us time to gather up and walk down there.)
  3. Gwen Exner
  4. David Woodbury
  5. Cory Lown
  6. Susan Teague-Rector
  7. Erin White
  8. Adam Rogers

12 Bones BBQ Dinner Excursion

(was a lunch excursion)

12 Bones BBQ is widely considered the best BBQ in Asheville [*]. However it is only open from 11-4, M-F. We would like to organize a group so that we can rent out the place on Wednesday night. If we get at least 50 people, it will be doable.

When: Wednesday, February 24th

Time: Cash Bar: 6:00pm Dinner: 6:30pm

Where: 5 Riverside Drive Asheville NC, 28801

  • Driving Directions (5 minutes)
  • Walking Directions (30 minutes / 1.7 miles)
  • Cabbing Directions: If you all would like to organize into cabs, I would suggest meeting in the lobby of the hotel between 5:45pm and 6:00pm and figuring things out from there. While I would normally love to help out with 80 people taking cabs (insert sarcasm here), I'll probably already be at the venue. A couple of cab companies I found are:
    • New Blue Bird Taxi Company - (828) 258-8331
    • Checker Cab Service - (828) 254-1155

Menu: This will be buffet style. So bring your appetite.

  • Pulled Pork
  • Chopped Beef Brisket
  • Corn Bread
  • Buns
  • Mashed Sweet Taters
  • Sweet Vinegar Coleslaw
  • Collard Greens (contains meat)
  • Fountain Drinks/Sweet Tea/Unsweetened Tea

BBQ Excursion Signup

For the time being please indicate interest in the BBQ excursion by adding your name to the list below. We'll figure out a way to coordinate and communicate the details somewhere down the line.

  1. Rosalyn Metz (the new organizer)
  2. Jay Luker (demoted but still devoted)
  3. Mike Giarlo (consumer)
  4. Rob Casson (glutton)
  5. Declan Fleming (condor)
  6. Erik Hatcher (carnivore)
  7. Christopher Spalding (digs swine)
  8. Mike Durbin (Porkaholic)
  9. Jeremy Frumkin (alloftheabove)
  10. Jon Gorman (Aficionado of smoke, flame, and good sauces)
  11. Michael Klein (EAT PIG)
  12. Mark Matienzo (saucy fellow)
  13. Cary Gordon (do they have vegan pig?)
  14. Sibyl Schaefer (finger licker)
  15. Greg McClellan (Mmmm... Pig)
  16. Ranti Junus (beef and chicken cheerleader)
  17. Tania Fersenheim (can't think of any non-vulgar tag lines)
  18. Matt Bachtell (hope they have vinegar based BBQ)
  19. Ray Schwartz (I eat vegetarians)
  20. Dileshni Jayasinghe (I just like to eat)
  21. Joe Atzberger (con carne)
  22. Michael Doran (a YES for Wednesday night)
  23. Thom Cox (ancho pepper addict)
  24. Chris Strauber (meat and flame!)
  25. Cindy Harper (I'm sorry, Babe)
  26. Brendan Gallagher
  27. Chris Beer
  28. Alexander O'Neill
  29. Bess Sadler
  30. Joyce Ouchida
  31. Ross Singer (Some Pig)
  32. Tod Olson (omnivore sans dilemma)
  33. Paul Joseph
  34. Vinita Tuteja
  35. Ryan Wick
  36. Becky Yoose (bringing the wetwipe napkins)
  37. Joyce Chapman
  38. Andrew Darby
  39. Cory Lown
  40. Peter Murray (who knows that NC BBQ means one has to actually add the BBQ sauce)
  41. Jean Rainwater
  42. Matt Cordial
  43. Carol Ou (dinnertime excursion works for me)
  44. Karen Coombs
  45. Dan Lucas
  46. Gerald Snyder
  47. Michael Silver
  48. Julia Bauder (dinner partier)
  49. Andreas Orphanides (I want to go to there.)
  50. Michael Vandenburg
  51. Wendy Huot
  52. David Bucknum
  53. Jason Casden
  54. Graham Stewart
  55. Joseph Ryan
  56. Dhanushka Samarakoon
  57. Eric Crenshaw
  58. Katherine Lynch
  59. Stephen Meyer
  60. Antonio Barrera (whats a BBQ without me)
  61. Ron Peterson
  62. Andrew Nagy (no witty comment)
  63. Corey Harper (Mmmmmm..... Carolina Pulled Pig)
  64. Eric Palmitesta
  65. Ben Florin
  66. Emily Lynema (pulled pork delicious)
  67. Erik Mitchell (Who could turn down an 80 person dinner experience?)
  68. Mike Flakus (pulled-porker)
  69. Matt Connolly (Memphian)
  70. Ian Walls
  71. Benjamin Young (BBQ is a noun)
  72. Esmé Cowles
  73. Tim Dennis
  74. Harry Kaplanian
  75. Ryan Scherle
  76. Amy McGuire
  77. Jason Battles
  78. Hong Ma
  79. Vanessa Meireles

(Jørn Thøgersen, Michael Poltorak Nielsen, Toke Eskildsen and Mads Villadsen removed due to snow/airplane incompatibility. We'll eat some pork rinds and think about you)

Sorry there is an 80 person limit for this event

Wait List

  1. Mark Diggory
  2. Jonathan Rochkind
  3. Robert Haschart
  4. Scott Garrison
  5. Willy Mene
  6. Daniel Lovins
  7. Susan Teague-Rector
  8. Tim Shearer

Vegetarian Dinner (Weds, AKA BBQ night)

Ophelia's World Cafe and Bar does vegetarian, vegan, raw, gluten-free, sustainable seafood, and locally-raised meat products, with a focus on local and organic. Also, a full bar. yelp reviews. Please note they are going to give us a smaller menu to help make sure we all get to eat in a reasonable amount of time.

  • max of 36 people
  • meet at hotel to walk together - 6:30pm
  • We are confirmed with the restaurant - reservation is at 6:45
  • email Anna3LC if you have any questions - gmail
  1. Jodi Schneider
  2. Maccabee Levine (token male)
  3. Eric Hellman (token carnivore)
  4. Carol Bean
  5. Sam Kome (omnivorous w/exception of BBQ)
  6. Dea Rice (Socialite)
  7. Sean Hannan (token token collector)
  8. Vidhya Arvind
  9. Cristóbal Palmer
  10. Lori Stethers
  11. Rick Johnson
  12. Anna Headley
  13. Kevin Clarke
  14. Gabriel Farrell
  15. Eric James
  16. Betsy Coles
  17. Harish Maringanti
  18. Emily Molanphy
  19. Shawn Averkamp
  20. Kevin Reiss
  21. Birkin
  22. Jon Stroop
  23. Birong Ho
  24. William Denton
  25. Gretchen Gueguen
  26. Steven Shelton
  27. Banurekha Lakshminarayanan
  28. Dan Brubaker Horst
  29. Martin Mehrling
  30. Dan Chudnov
  31. Erin Germ
  32. Naomi Dushay
  33. Shekhar Krishnan
  34. Schuyler Erle
  35. Spencer Lamm
  36. Brian Seitz
  37. We're full!

Wait List

  1. Yvonne Federowicz
  2. Nicolas Steenlant
  3. Susan Teague Rector
  4. Sarah Kahn
  5. Jean Rainwater

Newcomer Dinner

First time at code4lib? Join fellow c4l newbies and veterans for an evening of food, socializing, and stimulating discussions about the many uses of bacon.

Code4Lib veterans, you're invited too. Join us in welcoming the newcomers!

Tentative plans (more information to come)

  • When: Monday evening
  • Time: 6 PM
  • Where: Meet in the hotel lobby. Restaurants - Look below
  • Mastermind (if you have any questions): Becky Yoose

Newcomer Dinner Signup

Clarification - you can still sign up if you didn't intially list your name the first time around. Sorry for any misunderstandings on my part. -_-;



  • Max of 8 per location
    • Please, no waitlisting :(
  • ID yourselves so we can get a good mix of new people and veterans
    • New folks - n
    • c4l vets - v
  • One leader needed for each location (code4lib vets only)
    • Leader duties
      • Make reservations if required; otherwise make sure that the restaurant can handle a group of 8 rowdy library coders
      • Herd folks from hotel to restaurant (know where you're going!)

Spots still available below! 2/11 - added a couple more restaurants to make sure everyone has a spot!

just added- if you're a bit late to sign up, or want a later eating time, please join me.

Table (“New American”) - Reservation @ 7:15 for 4. Meet in lobby @ 6:45.

  1. [Leader] Eric Hellman - v
  2. Harry Kaplanian - n
  3. jeremy frumkin
  4. Terry Reese
  5. full

Tripps Restaurant (Steakhouse)

  1. [Leader]

Laughing Seed Cafe (Vegetarian, round two!)

  1. [Leader]
  2. Carol Bean - v (willing to be leader if no one else steps up)
  3. Adam Constabaris - n
  4. Chris Stockwell - v
  5. Yvonne Federowicz - v
  6. Alice Sneary - n
  7. Tom Burton-West - v

Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers (Pizza)

  1. [Leader]

Jack of the Wood (another pub for y'all)

  1. [Leader] Roy Tennant - v
  2. Monica Claassen-Wilson - n
  3. Tim Shearer - n
  4. Kevin Reiss - v
  5. Mike Durbin - v
  6. Chuck Koscher - vn
  7. Antonio Barrera - v
  8. Esmé Cowles - vn
  9. Full

Limones (Mexican)

  1. [Leader] Andrew Nagy - v (Reservation for 8 at 6pm is made)
  2. Clint Bellanger - n (+1 if possible)
  3. Daniel Lovins - v (Back in the game now)
  4. Wendy Huot - v
  5. Paul Joseph - n
  6. Jill Sexton - n
  7. Matt Connolly - 40% v
  8. If Bellanger's +1 == 1 more person then this is full

Sorry, these are full

Bistro 1896 (Bistro) (res. made for 8 @ 6:30)

(meet at in lobby at 6:10pm)

  1. [Leader] Cary Gordon (likes anything that involves food) - v
  2. Yuka Egusa - n
  3. Masao Takaku - n
  4. Dao Rong Gong - n (can step up if no v is in this group)
  5. Mike Lindsey - n
  6. Willy Mene - n
  7. Jessie Keck - v
  8. Eric James - v
  9. Sorry - full

Salsas (Mexican-Caribbean) - meet in lobby at 6:15pm

  1. [Leader] Jay Luker - v (no rezzies but they know we're coming ~6:30)
  2. Gabriel Farrell - v
  3. Sean Hannan - v
  4. Scot Colford - v
  5. Chrissy Rissmeyer - n
  6. Matt Cordial - v
  7. Jason Stirnaman - n (sorta)
  8. Rob Casson - v
  9. Sorry - full

Wasabi Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar (Japanese)

  1. [Leader] Ranti Junus - v Reservation at 6:30pm for 8 people. We'll meet in the lobby at 6pm.
  2. Caitlin Shanley - n
  3. Erin White - n
  4. Chris Strauber - n
  5. Jodi Schneider - v
  6. Joyce Chapman - n
  7. Susan Teague Rector (sort of a newb...)
  8. Graham Stewart - n (plane lands at 5:09, but will show up eventually ...) ranti's note: send me sms to 517-325-3735 on your status, or you can go directly to the resto. Thanks.
  9. Sorry - full

Table (“New American”) - Reservation @ 6:30 for 8. Meet in lobby @ 6:00.

  1. [Leader] Devon Smith - v (May be late due to flight delays. Look to Jonathan and/or Jean for leadership if I don't make it.)
  2. Anna Headley - n
  3. Cory Rockliff - n
  4. Jeff Sherwood - n
  5. Emily King - n
  6. Laurie Sutherland - n
  7. Jonathan Rochkind - v
  8. Jean Rainwater - v
  9. Sorry - full - see added 7:15 group above.

Vincenzo's (Italian) - We have a reservation -- meet in the lobby @ 6 and we can walk over together

  1. [Leader] Bess Sadler - v
  2. Thom Cox - n
  3. Alexander O'Neill - n
  4. Leland Deeds - n
  5. Erin Germ - n
  6. Joe Atzberger - v
  7. Cindy Harper - n
  8. Vinita Tuteja - n
  9. Sorry - full

Doc Chey’s Noodle House (Asian)

  1. [Leader] Emily Lynema - v - don't do call ahead or reservations, so we'll just have to chance it with our name on the list
  2. Julia Bauder - n
  3. Joe Marquez - n
  4. Jason Battles - n
  5. Jill Ellern - n
  6. Michael Vandenburg -n
  7. Shekhar Krishnan
  8. Schuyler Erle
  9. Sorry - full

Bouchon French Bistro (French) - they don't do reservations; meet in the lobby @ 6 and we'll walk over

  1. [Leader] Ben Florin -v
  2. Gwen Exner - n
  3. Joel Richard - n (super-green!)
  4. Dan Lucas - n
  5. Hong Ma - n
  6. Vanessa Meireles - n
  7. Mark Diggory - n (but not green)
  8. David Woodbury - n
  9. Sorry - full

Mela Indian Restaurant (Indian) (reservation made for 6:15 under Darby; meet in lobby)

  1. [Leader] Andrew Darby - v
  2. Joyce Ouchida - n
  3. Eric Celeste (spy) - n
  4. Kossivi (Jean-Paul) Bessou - n
  5. Steven Shelton - n
  6. Jeff Silvis - n
  7. Ya'aqov Ziso - n
  8. Banurekha - n
  9. Sorry - full

Rosetta's Kitchen (Vegetarian)

  1. [Leader] Rosalyn Metz -v
  2. Cody Hennesy - n
  3. Sam Kome - n
  4. John Yorio - n
  5. Shawn Averkamp - n
  6. Sarah Kahn- n
  7. Cory Lown - n
  8. Maccabee Levine - n
  9. Sorry - full

Suwana's Thai Orchid Restaurant (Thai) (BY - meet in lobby. Look for the crazy lady with the big hat and trench coat...)

  1. [Leader] Becky Yoose - v
  2. Andy Mardesich - n
  3. Amy McGuire
  4. Birong HO
  5. Ryan Scherle - n
  6. Mark Mounts - n
  7. Dan Brubaker Horst -n
  8. Rick Johnson - n
  9. Sorry - full

The Lobster Trap (Seafood) (Meet in lobby @ 6. Lobster Trap doesn't take reservations for <12, but we can call ahead to be put on the list.)

  1. [Leader] Michael Klein - v
  2. Janis Mathewson - n
  3. Karen Schwentner - n
  4. Tom Bennett - n
  5. Carol Ou - v
  6. Kenny Ketner - n
  7. Mike Flakus - n
  8. Michael Doran - v
  9. Sorry - full

The Bier Garden (Pub)

  1. [Leader] Mike Giarlo - v
  2. Dileshni Jayasinghe - n
  3. David Bucknum - n
  4. Sean Chen - n
  5. Sibyl Schaefer - n
  6. Dan Suchy - n
  7. Mark Matienzo - v
  8. Declan Fleming - v
  9. Sorry - full

Cut and paste your name to the restaurant of your choice :)

  • Ross Singer
  • Brendan Gallagher
  • Schuyler Erle
  • Jason Stirnaman
  • Patrick Hochstenbach
  • David Chandek-Stark
  • David Kennedy
  • Robin Hitch
  • Graham Stewart
  • David Woodbury
  • Harry Kaplanian
  • Kevin Reiss


It wouldn't be a tech conference unless we got together one evening to turn into a gang of murdering beasts and hyper-suspicious victims. Facilitated by the one and only mbklein.

  • When: Wednesday evening
  • Time: 8 PM
  • Where: TBA. Watch this space.

About Werewolf

Werewolf (also known as Mafia) is a parlor game that has become the obsession of techie conferences everywhere. At it's most basic, it's a game of information asymmetry -- a battle between an uninformed majority (the townspeople) and an informed minority (the werewolves who live and hunt among them). At its best, it's an off-the-wall paranoid screaming match. There are dozens of variations -- we'll start with the basics, and depending on everyone's stamina and desire to keep playing, save the tricky stuff for later. Hopefully by the end of the evening all the participants will be jibbering, jumpy, sleep-deprived lunatics incapable of trusting even their closest friends.

In other words, good times.

Werewolf signup

  • Michael Klein
  • Alexander O'Neill
  • Bess Sadler
  • Leland Deeds
  • Jean Rainwater
  • Chris Beer
  • Wendy Huot
  • Jon Gorman
  • Jodi Schneider
  • Birkin (will arrive after the veggie-dinner, and hoping BBQ-ers will have time to make it, too)(Definite Werewolf)
  • Harish (ditto)
  • Sarah Kahn (ditto Harish)
  • Jon Stroop
  • Joel Marchesoni (tentative)
  • Martin Mehrling
  • Michael Vandenburg
  • Scot Colford (who will inevitably be cast as the "villager idiot")
  • Chrissy Rissmeyer
  • Matt Cordial (after BBQ dinner)
  • Yvonne Federowicz (Innocent Villager)
  • Amy McGuire
  • Daniel Lovins (never tried werewolf, though, so I probably suck )

Working Out

Gotta make up for those beer and BBQ excursions somehow. Let's work out! Ideas: hiking, jogging, CrossFitting, surfing,...

CrossFit Asheville

CrossFit Asheville Contacted the gym, we're invited to the Monday night 6:30pm slot.

Monday night: meet in lobby at 5:45pm. The workout tonight isn't too bad: http://www.crossfitasheville.com/2010/02/22/100222-monday-beginnings/

Who's in?

  • Erik Hatcher (crossfit newb), can carpool three others
  • Michael Vandenburg (Crossfit curious) code4lib n00b beats crossfit n00b - this time.
  • Jeff Sherwood (I'd be into getting in a Crossfit WOD or maybe a run)
  • Jason Stirnaman (hiking, biking - don't mind the weather, lifting, cross-fitting)
  • Jodi Schneider (CrossFitting sounds fun if we can fit in their schedule, yoga, walking, hiking)
  • Erik Mitchell (only if we are not overwhelming their space sorry. . . had an unanticipated conflict
  • Steve DiDomenico (crossfit newb, also only if we aren't overwhelming their space) -- I will need a ride!


Meet in lobby at 6:30am any day next week.

  • Monday: Erik Hatcher (too cold? I'll do the treadmill instead; 2-3 miles max)
    • Perhaps a good 5 mile (or less as this is an out & back) run to the Biltmore house gate? - Suggested route to Biltmore
    • Looks good. Count me in. (John Barneson)
    • Yitzchak Schaffer interested, 3-6 mi, 10:00 pace or so
    • Emily Lynema sounds good, 5 is great, pace & distance flexible (although I might skip if it's really 31 degrees & raining!)
    • Jean Rainwater, 5-6 mi, 10:00 pace
  • Tuesday: Sounds like a great day for the Code4Lib Inaugural 10 miler - Suggested Route to the Grove Park Inn
  • Update - leav hotel at 6am? - see you on the road!
    • Jean Rainwater, up for 10 miles if slowish means 10:00
  • Wednesday: Erik Hatcher (2-3 miles max)
    • Emily Lynema would be up for a 3-miler (presenting at 9:15am so have to be on time)
    • Weather permitting - a hike around Mt Mitchell or Mt. Pisgah, blue ridge parkway or trail run? [1]
  • Thursday:

Interested Parties for various exercise activities

  • Erik Hatcher (game for both short, like 2 mile, jogs on Monday/Wednesday and CrossFitting, bring it!)
  • Erik Mitchell (Run downtown asheville or the parkway? - great 12 mile climb up the parkway around Pisgah Mtn.), How about a Code4Lib half-marathon? (Why NOT! Let's do a Half Marathon) - Ray Schwartz
    • Bike riding - yes might be sketchy given our current weather
    • Hike up Looking Glass Rock [2]
  • Emily Lynema (game for jogging, hiking, walking, jumping jacks; not crazy enough for parkway running!)
  • Ray Schwartz (game for a run - why not a half marathon?!).
  • Rick Johnson (Looking to fit in a 10, 12 ,and 8 mile run while in town. Was originally thinking I would go early in the morning: 6:30 or 7. May not be able to run together everytime but definitely looking for suggestions on good routes)
  • Thom Cox (lifting, cardio, yoga--all good)
  • Jason Stirnaman (hiking, biking - don't mind the weather, lifting, cross-fitting)
  • Jean Rainwater (need to get some runs in where the footing's not treacherous and the temp is above freezing)
  • Gerald Snyder (a couple mornings jogging would be good, but only 4 or 5 miles for me thanks)
  • Jodi Schneider (CrossFitting sounds fun if we can fit in their schedule, yoga, walking, hiking)
  • Becky Yoose (hiking (intermediate level max), walking, cheer others on while they run a half marathon)
  • Carol Bean (does shivering in the cold count as exercise?)
  • John Barneson (I'm game for a.m. runs 5-10 miles. I would love a nice scenic route and I don't mind trail running)
  • Gabriel Farrell (running, yoga, pickup soccer?)
  • Kevin Reiss (running/hiking)
  • Jeff Sherwood (I'd be into getting in a Crossfit WOD or maybe a run)
  • Nick Hanssens (yoga; I teach if there is space and interest)
  • Michael Vandenburg (Crossfit curious)
  • Ranti Junus (yoga, walking, thumb wrestling - maybe)
  • Mark Diggory (surfing,... kinda hard to find good waves in Asheville... will settle for a little hiking)
  • Anna Headley (hacky sack in the hotel lobby - yes it counts as exercise)

Sitting in a room together and half the time talking to each other out loud and half the time talking in IRC

Because you know it's going to happen

  • William Denton
  • Mike Giarlo (fulfiller of destinies)
  • /ignore mjgiarlo
  • Antonio Barrera (trying to avoid a repeat of Portland)
  • Jodi Schneider (one of the highlights!!!)
  • Bess Sadler (can it be in the hospitality suite at 4am? That's the best!)
  • Mark Matienzo
  • Ranti Junus (hoping somebody can help me hacking my chumby one to install elinks or qtweb)
  • Dan Chudnov (hoping for in-same-room IRC chat to be an olympic medal event in 2014)
  • Michael Klein


Olympic Hockey

If you're interested in watching the Can/US men's hockey game at 7:30pm on Sunday (2/21), the Bier Garden seems like a decent option.

  • Andrew Darby (will be there, unless my flight is delayed)
  • Julia Bauder -- tried to call to make reservations, and couldn't get through. I'm going to head over around 7:15; I'll hang around the hotel lobby for a bit before I do, if you want to meet up there. Look for the tiny chick with long red hair.
  • Esmé Cowles

Belgian Beer

If you'd rather drink Belgian beer, show up at the Thirsty Monk anytime in the PM on Sunday (2/21).

  • Mike Giarlo (showing up either immediately after lunch or immediately after dinner or maybe camped out there all day)
  • Mike Lindsey (here's hoping they have some sours)
  • Scot "Chimay Rouge" Colford
  • Yvonne Federowicz (wishes kriekenbier)
  • Mark "oud bruin" Matienzo
  • Michael Doran (8pm-ish)
  • Rob Casson (altho may hop over to the Bier Garden at some point, as i'm not getting dinner there)
  • Declan (plane lands at 9:45p...)
  • Daniel Lovins (if I can find my way there)
  • Chris Beer

The Thirsty Monk is closed this afternoon 2/21 - not sure about PM - for a "private function". Is this us, tonight? -yf