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(Hostels and Cheap Places to Stay)
(Hostels and Cheap Places to Stay: adding link to newspaper article from Declan Fleming)
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** next door to [http://28ravenscroft.com/ guesthouse, private rooms for $40-$45, single or double occupancy]
** next door to [http://28ravenscroft.com/ guesthouse, private rooms for $40-$45, single or double occupancy]
* [http://www.bonpaulandsharkys.com/EMain.html Bon Paul and Sharky's Hostel of Asheville] (wifi) [http://www.bonpaulandsharkys.com/ERates.html rates]
* [http://www.bonpaulandsharkys.com/EMain.html Bon Paul and Sharky's Hostel of Asheville] (wifi) [http://www.bonpaulandsharkys.com/ERates.html rates]
* [http://sweetpeashostel.com/ Sweet Peas Hostel] (downtown)
* [http://sweetpeashostel.com/ Sweet Peas Hostel] (downtown) [http://www.citizen-times.com/article/2009312280021 newspaper article]

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Michael Klein has created a C4L2010rideshare page for more general rideshare/airport ground transportation/other Asheville-bound travel planning.

code4lib bus


Yitzchak Schaffer is tentatively (as of 16 Dec 09, waiting for word on funding approval) organizing a carpool from or through the NYC area to the con in Asheville, NC. See [1] for the original proposal, the idea being to rent a car/van, or use someone's if possible. I do not plan on might be attending the precons, if it's make-or-break. Parties expressing interest:

  • Bess Sadler (VA)
  • Mike Giarlo (State College, PA, but can take train to Philly)
  • Jennifer (Boston MA, has car)
  • Erin White (Richmond, VA)
  • Mark Matienzo (NYC)
  • Kevin Reiss (New Jersey - Exit 10)

A new section for precon people:

  • Anna Headley (Philly PA) have car but not attached to using it (won't fit 5 if we want to avoid violence -- 4 max)
  • Gabriel Farrell (Philly, PA) have truck but it's old and doesn't get great mileage (ain't no tesla roadster)
  • Cory Rockliff (NYC) non-driver. also, still waiting for word on funding.

Rates for full-size car (driver + 4) and van as of Dec. 9, 2009 from NY/NJ, Sunday-Friday:

  • Budget: 345 / 471 (7 pass)
  • Avis: 346 / 481 (7 pass)
  • Hertz: mileage limitation
  • Enterprise: mileage limitation

Esme Cowles is planning to drive up from Gainesville, FL and could take up to 3 others from Florida, South Carolina or Georgia (depending on route). Anyone interested?



Cody Hennesy is looking to be a roommate arriving Feb 21 departing Feb 25. chennesy at cca dot edu.


Becky Yoose - Looking for a roommate... Room booked from Sunday 2/21 to Thursday 2/25. Email me at yoosebj at muohio dot edu if interested.

Gwen Exner - Looking for a roommate. Room booked from Monday 2/22 to Thursday 2/25. Email me at gwenexner at gmail dot com if interested.

Hostels and Cheap Places to Stay