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Planning for Code4Lib 2010 in Asheville, NC

Critical things that must work

  • Internet access (i.e. wifi) with good bandwidth
  • Internet access (i.e. wifi) with good bandwidth
  • Internet access (i.e. wifi) with good bandwidth
  • Food must accommodate special dietary needs

Everything else, including quality of hotel rooms, is secondary.


Social Activities

  • Signup sheet for nightly dinner activities


  • Potential sponsor and contact list

Figure out how to give (1st annual) Code4Lib Open Source Software Award

  • Create nominating committee
  • Vote
  • Figure out how to make the award sustainable
  • Articulate qualities of award
  • Articulate qualities of possible recipients

Lightning Talks Dos and Donts

  • Have an MC/cat herder lined up in advance
  • Don't have one entity do two LTs back to back
  • Ask those who've already spoken to "go last" (e.g. only present if there's time)
  • Create a LT do's and dont's page
  • 2 projectors, minimum. 3 if possible (3rd to display backchannels)

List of Interesting things in Asheville, for future reference

see also Google Map, proposal

  • The Chocolate Fetish
  • Woolworth Gallery (collaborative arts and crafts sale space in an old Woolworth's, with intact, functional lunch bar and a Swedish furniture shop in the basement)