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Code4Lib 2011 ideas

See also C4L2010planning: wishlist


  1. Ask people to download in advance
    1. Or hijack a computer lab with the needed software/files
  2. Remind preconference leaders 2 weeks before the conference to send an email to registrants. (Email registrants 1 week in advance b/c time before travel is hectic, may be offline)


  1. Codesprint
  2. Hackathon


If you do the preconferences in the main conference space (vs. in spread-out off-site spots), many people will expect breakfast or at least regular coffee/tea/soft-drink breaks throughout the day (so have them?)


Liked all the preorganization of social acivities

Newcomer dinner - a success! Let's say 4 vets and 4 newbies for each group though.


Providence, power supplies on top of the table, worked well (Asheville, they were on the floor)

Presentations and Program

  1. Make people use a single conference PC (but Mac, Linux, Win? -- or mbklein's mega 3-in one)
  2. Organize volunteers to do tech support during the program, especially lightning talks. Nobody wants to feel stupid standing in front of a room. This should not have to be the emcee. [-emily lynema]
  3. Organize lightning talk shepherds who will force those doing lightning talks to put their presentations on a single computer (or at least as few computers as possible) [-emily lynema].
  4. Ask for slides (investigate options for sharing ad-hoc)
  5. Reserve time in the schedule for "Ask Anything"
  6. Schedule the lightning talk slots before the breakouts on each day (IMO after -JodiS)
  7. Remind speakers to fontup
  8. Have Mac dongles of all sorts
  9. Had dedicated eth line for speakers, but it wasn't used during main conf... not needed then? [note: I would've used, but was told it wasn't any faster than the wireless. --emily lynema]
  10. Remind people to load web pages, play video, etc. ahead of time on the presentation computer. Have the presentation computer available more than 1 minute before talks.
  11. Make the lightning talks timing 5+1 min x N speakers. Will often be under time, seldom over. [- tim shearer].


  1. Expect higher bandwidth issues on pre-conferences if held in same venue. ???
  2. Find out exactly which ethernet ports in the venue are on the protected bandwidth dedication and be sure speakers are hooked to them.
  3. Make sure wireless access points are not plugged into ports that have protected bandwidth dedication.
  4. For preconferences, do downloads before coming - minimizes problems with bandwidth, and saves time at the preconference to work with the app
  5. Bandwidth usage, for planning
    1. Monday
    2. Tuesday
    3. Wednesday


  1. Do ask anything before the first bunch of breakout sessions. Organize some breakout sessions based on questions/answers
  2. Consider if big pad or wiki or both. Not sure.

Name Tags

  1. Include institution, please.
  2. Leave space on name tags for first-timer self-identification
  3. Leave space on name tags for doodling one's interests
  4. Not really name tags, but take photo of a person on checkin and put up on a page so you can see people who attended too.

Packet Handed Out

  1. list of attendees - name, institution, email ... projects/topic of interest? (free text field on form?)
  2. map of meeting rooms
  3. brief schedule (titles only)
  4. full schedule (abstracts)
  5. list of restaurants is great!

Hospitality Suite

  • Projector is awesome - do this
  • Adjoining rooms are tough places to be unless you're one of the partiers. See if anyone will volunteer for adjacent rooms?

Room size/slide visibility

  1. Smaller distance to front of room
  2. Make sure bottom of screen is visible with peoples' heads in the way

T Shirts

  1. non-black much appreciated at 2010
  2. non-white much appreciated at 2010

Lightning Talks

  1. Factor in some extra time to lightning talks
  2. Force people to use one lappy, load stuff on it in morning/break
  3. Have someone really big be a bouncer
  4. Do not use wiki for signups, only use the big pad.