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("Social Network Dine Arounds")
("Social Network Dine Arounds")
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* Matt Critchlow
* Matt Critchlow
'''Upland Brewery''' Just throwing this out there to gauge interest. No specific agenda.
'''[http://uplandbeer.com/ Upland Brewing]''' Just throwing this out there to gauge interest. No specific agenda.
* Hillel Arnold
* Hillel Arnold
* Mark Matienzo
* Mark Matienzo

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Code4Lib 2011 social activities

Code4Lib 2011 Google Map - It's the ultimate plot device! See what others are recommending and recommend your own places to see and things to do!

Map of the Indiana Memorial Union - The conference is happening here, and here, here, and here. Use this map and you can probably find it all.

Local events

Things to see:

Recommended Restaurants/Bars (no particular order)

  • Uptown Café - great for breakfast, lunch, or wine
  • Village Deli - can accommodate large crowds for breakfast or lunch
  • Grazie - Italian, great wine selection
  • Japanee (320 N. Walnut St) - Bento Box lunch – yum!
  • Max’s Place - pizza and beer
  • Samira - Afghanistan cuisine – lunch buffet w/ roasted chicken
  • Shanti (221 E. Kirkwood Ave) - great for lunch
  • Esan Thai - delicious, but slow service
  • Café Django - Indian and Thai, great noodle dishes
  • Stefano’s Ice Café - best chicken salad sandwich in town
  • Laughing Planet - yummy burritos/nachos
  • Bloomington Bagel Co. - best bagels in town
  • RockIt's Pizza (222 N. Walnut St) - open late for a slice after visiting nearby bars
  • Farm - fun little hipster whiskey bar in basement
  • Nick's - local meat, in-house batter for deep fried goodness
  • Lennie’s Bar & Grill - local brew
  • Square Donuts - donuts that are square and fresh and you eat them zomg
  • Upland Brewing Co. - more local brew (different from Lennie's)
  • The Irish Lion - Irish pub, Guinness on tap
  • Bloomington Sandwich Co. - great for lunch, yummy reuben
  • Bub’s Burgers and Ice Cream (480 N. Morton St) - eat the giganto burger in a certain time limit, get your picture on the wall (if that's what you're into)
  • Yogi's Grill & Bar - bazillion beer choices
  • Restaurant Ami (1500 E. 3rd St) - Japanese/Korean, great for lunch
  • Turkuaz Cafe - Turkish, pides great for lunch
  • Crazy Horse - also bazillion beer choices
  • Finch's - great wine selection

Planned events

Plan one if you like! Either on your own or you can join the social activities committee.

Craft Brew Drinkup

'Tuesday 2/8, 8:30PM, Hospitality suite' Like good beer? Bring some in your luggage! Some of us are planning on bringing on bottles of our favorite local brews to share. Interested? Sign up on the Craft Brew Drinkup page!

Newcomer Dinner

First time at code4lib? Join fellow c4l newbies and veterans for an evening of food, socializing, and stimulating discussions about demonstrations of the many uses of bacon dongles.

Code4Lib veterans, you're invited too. Join us in welcoming the newcomers!


  • When: Monday evening (2/7)
  • Time: 6 PM (ish)
  • Mastermind (if you have any questions): Becky Yoose


  • Max of 6 per location
    • Please, no waitlisting :(
  • ID yourselves so we can jget a good mix of new people and veterans in each group
    • New folks - n
    • c4l vets - v
  • One leader needed for each location (declare yourself! - Vets are highly encouraged to lead the group :))
    • Leader duties
      • Make reservations if required; otherwise make sure that the restaurant can handle a group of 6 rowdy library coders
      • Herd folks from hotel to restaurant (know where you're going!)


West Side of Campus (towards downtown)

Indiana Avenue, across street from campus (5-10 minute walk)

Buffa Louie's (Wings/Subs/Sandwiches) - Gables location on Indiana Avenue is historic site

4th St. between IMU and downtown square (10-15 minute walk)

Anyetsang's Little Tibet (Tibetan/Thai/Indian)

  • Dot Porter (leader) - n
  • Jason Ronallo - n
  • Ben Anderson - n
  • Bill Dueber - v
  • Jakub Skoczen - n
  • Birkin - v

Siam House (Thai) Meet in the Biddle hotel lobby at 6pm. Look for the short woman in a trench coat and wide brim hat ~Becky

  • Becky Yoose (leader) - v
  • Margaret Heller - n
  • Bohyun Kim - n
  • Karen Hanson - v
  • Daniel Lovins - v
  • Gerald Snyder - v
  • Wayne Schneider - v off to hear Michael Chabon instead.

Puccini's La Dolce Vita (Italian)

Kirkwood Ave. (5th St) between IMU and downtown square (10-15 minute walk)

Nick's English Hut (American Pub) - NOTE: web site plays IU fight song

Cafe Pizzaria (Pizza)

Falafels (Middle Eastern)

Finch's (Gastropub-ish) Meet in the mezzanine lounge at 6 PM, carefully avoiding contact with the man-eating comfy chairs. (8 min walk. Res. at 6:15 PM)

  • Cary Gordon (leader) - v (818-694-1626) (big guy wearing yellow jacket)
  • Michael Doran - v
  • Tim Daniels - n
  • Joshua Gomez - n
  • Jenny Reiswig - n
  • Kosuke Tanabe - n

Note: FARMbloomingon is closed on Mondays

Michael's Uptown Cafe (Cajun/Creole/American) To walk to restaurant, meet in lounge upstairs from hotel lobby in IMU at 6pm. Reservation for 6:30pm at Uptown (under Julie Hardesty).

  • Julie Hardesty (leader) - n
  • Jean Rainwater - v
  • D Ruth Bavousett - n
  • Theodor T - n
  • Sarah Weeks - n
  • Mark Mounts - v
  • Takanori Hayashi -n

Trojan Horse (Greek)

Shanti (Indian, Vegetarian options)

6th St. between IMU and downtown square (10-15 minute walk)

Runcible Spoon (Variety, Vegetarian/Vegan options)

Grant St. between 3rd St. and 6th St., about halfway between IMU and downtown square (10-15 minute walk)

Cafe Django (Indian, Thai, Vegetarian options) Meet in the Biddle hotel lobby at 6pm. Look for the guy with the bright blue knitted Mets hat.

  • Maccabee Levine (leader) - v
  • Andrew Darby - v
  • Michael Slone - n
  • Linda Ballinger - n
  • Nell Taylor - n
  • Richard Anderson - n

Snow Lion (Tibetan, Indian, Vegetarian options)

Lincoln St. between 3rd St. and 6th St., about halfway between IMU and downtown square (15-20 minute walk)

Esan Thai (Thai, Vegetarian options) Meet outside Whittenberger Auditorium at 6pm

  • Ryan Scherle (leader) - v
  • Jason Stirnaman (drummer) - v
  • Jon Dunn - n
  • Richard Maiti - n
  • Mike Stroming - n
  • Trish Rose-Sandler (can drive if needed) - n

Downtown Square (20-25 minute walk)

Upland Brewing (Microbrewery)

CHANGE OF PLAN: Going to Yogi's instead; meet in lobby at 5:30PM

Note: Lennie's (below) is also a Microbrewery/restaurant
    • Mike Giarlo (leader) - v
    • Jay Luker (wall dodger) - v
    • Benoit Thiell (french tickler) - n
    • Dan Suchy (designated non-driver) - v
    • Matt Critchlow (lupulin addict) - n
    • Esme Cowles (designated non-walker) -v
    • Mark Matienzo (leader) - v
    • Joe Atzberger (agitator) - v
    • Hillel Arnold (intern) - n
    • Mark Custer (title tk) - n
    • Patrick Force (TBD) - n
    • Adam Wead (zymurgist) - n
    • Christopher Chagal (#7 apparently, but I had to squeeze into one of these groups. Exhibit A: The United States of GOOD beer) - v
  • THE DIRECTOR'S GROUP (where DIRECTOR = people cooler than Giarlo or Matienzo. Which is pretty much anyone. Except McDonald.)
    • Declan Fleming - v
    • Mark Phillips - v
    • Tim Donohue (not a "director", per se, but I enjoy microbrew beer) - v
    • Andrea Schurr - n - Last minute ship jumping so that I can go to Lennie's. Have fun!
    • Larry Baerveldt (also not a director, but I like beer, and this group isn't full yet) - n
    • Shaun Ellis (all I know is that I'm following Declan when beer is involved) - n
    • Jon Stroop - v

Irish Lion (Irish Pub)

Crazy Horse (American) Meet near Walnut Meeting Room (M015) at 6pm

  • Joel Richard (leader, usurped. richardjm at si dot edu) - v
  • Genevieve Francis - n
  • Ben Shum (bshum AT biblio DOT org)- n
  • Francis Kayiwa - (former leader francis dot kayiwa AT gmail) n
  • Roberto Hoyle - n
  • Hui Zhang - n (hz3 AT indiana DOT edu)

Grazie (Italian)

Samira (Afghanistan cuisine) - let's meet at 6pm in the mezzanine (above the hotel lobby)

  • Ranti Junus (ranti dot junus at gmail) (lead) - v
  • Andreas Orphanides - v
  • Matt Connolly - v ( back in the game.)
  • Toke Eskildsen - intermediate
  • Mads Villadsen - intermediate
  • Will Kurt - n

Opie Taylors (American)

Malibu Grill (California)

Janko's Little Zagreb (Steakhouse)

El Norteño (Mexican)

Max's Place (Pizza)

Tallent (Local/Seasonal) 7:00 Reservation for 2 tables, 6 people each; will remix at dessert. Leave from hotel lobby at 6:45

Leaving Hotel Lobby at 6:25. Otherwise, meet us there. directions


  • Matt Zumwalt (leader) - v
  • Michael Levy - n
  • Devon Smith - v
  • Sean Hannan - v
  • Steven Miles - n
  • Naomi Dushay - v


  • Eric Hellman (leader- camo ski jacket) - v
  • Michael Klein (troublemaker) - v
  • Matt Cordial - v
  • Scot Colford (natalie wood to round out the james deans of troublemakers) - v
  • Rachel Frick
  • Ken Irwin - (semi-v)

Roots on the Square (Vegan/Vegetarian)

East Side of Campus (away from downtown)

10th St., east of Wells Library (10-15 minute walk)

Lennie's Bar & Grill (Pizza/American) + (Microbrewery) - Meet in the Biddle hotel lobby at 6:15pm. Reservation made for 6 at 6:45pm

  • Ryan Wick (leader) - v
  • June Rayner - n
  • Roni Shwaish - n
  • Kirk Hess (I'm a local & I think Lennie's has better beer & food than Upland.) - n
  • Aaron Collie (Listens to locals; wonders who will be the last person to sign up) - n
  • Jon Gorman - v - I know I make 7, but hope that's not a huge issue. If it turns out to be I'll grab a bar seat.

Tried to make a reservation for another group, but no go. Will be going to Yogi's.

  • Chelsea Lobdell - n
  • Andrea Schurr - n - jumped ship from Yogi's and made a reservation
  • Mark Leggott - n (would be 10, if we're doing 12?)
  • Zac Howarth - n 11?
    (taking the bull by the horns, I just made a second reservation for 6 at 6:45 - pub-side)

3rd St., east of Music School (10-15 minute walk)

Mother Bear's Pizza (Pizza)

The MAC (Mediterranean)

Red Chopsticks (Sushi/Asian Fusion)

Cafe Ami/Domo (Japanese/Korean)

"Social Network Dine Arounds"

Wednesday night. Not sure what these are. Make it up as you go. Be social, network, dine around.

Snow Lion Tibetan Restaurant (run by Dalai Rama's brother's neighbor!!!)

Wednesday 6PM meeting at the mezzannine above the lobby

The only agenda is relaxing and having a good time :)) More info

Dine with Hydra Wednesday Evening

Location: Irish Lion upstairs Time: 6:30-8:00

Join us if you want to connect with the Hydra developer community. Questions, ideas, suggestions, etc. all welcome. Please add yourself to the list if you're coming.

  • Matt Zumwalt
  • Bess Sadler
  • Adam Wead
  • Michael Klein (showing up; may need to ditch early)
  • Jeremy Nelson
  • Rick Johnson
  • Dan Brubaker Horst
  • Scot Colford
  • Mike Stroming
  • Christopher Curry

Anyetsang's Little Tibet Wednesday, leaving from the mezzanine above the lobby at 6:30 PM. Menu available (in a really cheesy set of pictures of the actual menu [here]. No agenda, no plan for discussion, just social time and Tibetan/Thai/Indian grub. Add yourself if you want, or just show up. If you sign up, we won't leave without you!

  • D Ruth Bavousett (suggested it, so is going)
  • Mark Mounts
  • Roberto Hoyle
  • Ian Walls
  • Rob Casson
  • Ryan Wick
  • Ryan Eby

Run to White Castle We need cars.

  • Declan Fleming
  • Matt Critchlow

Upland Brewing Just throwing this out there to gauge interest. No specific agenda.

  • Hillel Arnold
  • Mark Matienzo
  • Andrea Schurr - I was just going to do the same thing. I'm in.
  • Jon Gorman - i'd be in. Do they serve food? Ya betcha.

UNC/Dook Basketball Game Wednesday - 8pm - Nick's English Hut - just show up!

Thursday breakfast at Village Deli Meet in lobby 7:45 AM.

  • Decasm?
  • Jason Stirnaman/jstirnaman

Hanging out in the Hospitality Suite

  • Located in Biddle Hotel room 116/117
  • Keyholders: Gabriel Farrell, Mike Giarlo, Mark Matienzo, Devon Smith