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This page is no longer maintained. It was used to create Unconsumed COinS from the Code4Lib Journal link to that page.

Example page:

Wikipedia page on COinS:

Services that consume COinS

Resources for finding an OpenURL Resolver

OCLC Registry has this language: " “COinS” stands for “ContextObject in Span.” “ContextObject” is OpenURL jargon for the part of an OpenURL carrying the bibliographic information - basically, it’s a query string, everything that would follow the ? in a regular URL. And “span” refers here to the HTML tag . It’s the ContextObject that carries the bibliographic information.

The ContextObject is very flexible, and can carry everything from a simple title and author to more obscure things like a Serial Item and Contribution Identifier (SICI).

The upshot of which is that if you stick COinS in your web page, Zotero can pull all that data out again in the Read more about essay help - essay writing help and buy essay papers professional essay writing "