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Keep an eye on this page for the full list of Code4Lib 2019 Breakout Sessions.

For directions to rooms, see the San Jose DoubleTree floor map. We are in the Bayshore Ballroom on the lower level.

Day One Breakouts 3:00pm

  • Code4Lib conference budgeting and sustainability
  • Decentralized Web Primer and Q&A - Interactive session introducing and demystifying the concepts, technologies and motivations of the decentralized web (ie. peer to peer protocols, content-addressing, etc), with an opportunity to ask questions.
  • Code4Lib Website Feedback | Room: San Jose - come learn about the website group that maintains the conference website and help us make it better!

Day Two Breakouts 2:15pm

  • Code4Lib 2020 Host Proposals - join the 2019 LPC, Concentra, and the 2020 Host Voting committee to learn about creating a hosting proposal and running the conference.