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(Fall 2015 Meeting)
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* Watch this space for details.
* Watch this space for details.
* '''[https://www.eventbrite.com/e/code4lib-chicago-fall-2015-meeting-tickets-18917137668 Register via EventBrite]'''
* '''[https://www.eventbrite.com/e/code4lib-chicago-fall-2015-meeting-tickets-18917137668 Register via EventBrite]'''
*: '''At this point, all tickets are taken'''; you are welcome to sign up for the waitlist.  I'll let you know as soon as anyone cancels.

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A "hyperlocal" Code4Lib chapter, which has been in existence since around 2010.


  • Google Group
    • Use this to chat about local issues, propose meetings, and let us know about local events.

Fall 2015 Meeting

  • November 23, 2015
  • Daley Library, UIC, Room 1-470
  • Watch this space for details.
  • Register via EventBrite
    At this point, all tickets are taken; you are welcome to sign up for the waitlist. I'll let you know as soon as anyone cancels.


This is still flexible.

  • 8:30: assemble / coffee
  • 9:00: start / welcome
  • 9:15: lightning talks
  • 10:30: break / order lunch
  • 10:45: lightning talks
  • 12:00: lunch / group walk to cupcakes / getting to know one another / group photo
  • 1:00: library tour
  • 1:30: hackathon breakout(s) / lightning talks / other breakouts / BOFs (in parallel)
  • 3:00: break
  • 3:15: more content, TBD
  • 4:15: wrap-up (sustaining energy & engagement?)
  • 4:30: end
  • 5:00: social at local pub

Lightning Talks @10:45-12:00

  • If you have an idea, please sign up for a slot! These are quick, low-pressure talks, and you'll get good karma.
  • Examples of lightning talks given at the last national Code4Lib.
  • I have set these as five minute slots, but I expect at least a few to go over. So there's some flex time at the end.

  • Distant reading of texts from the HathiTrust, JSTOR, and/or EEBO
    Eric Lease Morgan (Librarian-At-Large)
  • On EAD
    Esther Verreau, UIC
  • Creating Simple Event Displays from an RSS Feed using JavaScript
    Paul Keith, Chicago Public Library
  • Explore Chicago Collections
    Tracy Seneca and Kate Flynn, UIC
  • TopicHub: identify content of interest in one repository and deposit it in another
    Jeremy Prevost, MIT
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -

Breakout/Hackathon Sessions @1:30-3:00

  • Up for debate: these are just some possible topics. We need four total.
  • If you have an idea, add it to the list! If we end up with more than four, we will conduct a straw poll to determine the most relevant/popular.
  • For inspiration, here is the list of pre-conference workshops at the last national Code4Lib

  1. Headless CMSs (Wordpress, Drupal)?
  2. Meteor.js tutorial?
  3. DocumentCloud?
  4. Metadata/data hackathon? - A discussion around tools and workflows for cleaning up messy data; bring your own data sets to work on if you like
  5. -
  6. -

3:15: more content, TBD (??)

  • What content do you want during this slot?

Evening social

  • We're planning on hanging out at Jak's Tap after the event (the original suggestion, Moxee, is closed on Mondays). More details soon.

UIC Environs: Lunch and Parking

  • Lunch and parking map
  • Food options are mostly clustered in three places: Greektown (N of the freeway along Halsted), Taylor street (SW of campus), and University Village (S along Halsted).

Getting to UIC

  • Public Transit: Take the Blue Line west from the Loop; get off at the UIC-Halsted stop. Walk south.
  • More information on visiting UIC, including (better) mass-transit directions
  • Parking in a UIC lot will cost $13 for a full day.
  • If you're driving, there are several parking lots available (marked on the above map); I recommend the one south of campus (1135 Morgan). Note that no streets connect Harrison with Taylor, including Morgan, between Racine and Halsted; to reach the south lot, come up Morgan from Roosevelt.
  • Circle Interchange difficulties
    • Circle Interchange (the confluence of I-90 and I-290 just NE of campus) construction is ongoing.
    • Construction is causing traffic havoc nearby, especially near the corner of Harrison and Halsted. The Harrison bridge over I-90 doesn't currently exist. Best to avoid this area if possible.
    • The Morgan street exit from I-290 has been closed for some time. According to IDOT:
      • Exiting access is prohibited from Westbound I-290/Congress Parkway
      • From Southbound I-90/94 - exit Adams Street
      • From Northbound I-90/94 - exit Ashland Avenue, backtrack east via Jackson Boulevard or Harrison Street