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(Distributing Call for Submissions)
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#Metadatalibrarians (Chris)
#Metadatalibrarians (Chris)
#ngc4lib (Tom)
#ngc4lib (Tom)
#ol-lib (Tom)
#<s>ol-lib (Tom)</s>
#oss4lib (Tom)
#oss4lib (Tom)
#usability4lib (Tom)
#usability4lib (Tom)

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Distributing Call for Submissions

Web Sites

Announcing Publication

Lists, blogs, etc., where issue 7 was publicized:

  1. Autocat (Chris)
  2. code4lib (Tom)
  3. drupal4lib (Tom)
  4. LISWire (Chris)
  5. lita-l (Chris)
  6. Metadatalibrarians (Chris)
  7. ngc4lib (Tom)
  8. ol-lib (Tom)
  9. oss4lib (Tom)
  10. usability4lib (Tom)
  11. web4lib (Tom)
  12. xml4lib (Tom)

Still to do:

  1. code4lib website (?)

Twitter Hashtag

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