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Things on this page aren't neccesarily consensus, just things people listed as tech wishlist.

  • upgrade WordPress!
  • uhh, did someone say upgrade Wordpress already?
  • Seperate author names in individual fields in db, for better metadata generation. (Then make export of DOAJ metadata use it, to make it a fully automated process!)
  • PDF of individual article
  • Include "cite as" text on each page, with several major citation formats filled in with our data. Especially important because we use an "article number", rather than a page number -- which is supported by most citation formats, but it's not obvious from looking at an article what it's "article number" _is_, you have to know to get it from the URL. Makes it hard to cite correctly.
  • Automated list of "most viewed articles", from WP statistics or Google Analytics?
  • Investigate usefulness for us: Here is a WordPress plugin designed to implement editorial workflows: