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Filters out spam-link comments based on their content
Requires users to copy a distorted word before they can comment


COinS Quicktags Button
In the non-WYSIWYG editor, can be used to build a basic COinS tag. This has been abandoned in favor of the generator at
unAPI Server
Provides information about articles. Useful for Zotero users.


Makes code pretty.
C4LJ Custom the_author()
Replaces the text returned by the_author() with the value of the "author" custom field. Necessary since articles are entered by their editors, but we want author information to appear on the articles and in the syndication feeds.


C4LJ Remove Parents
A customization of Prettifies category URLs so that issues appear at instead of
FeedBurner FeedSmith
Redirects the main feed and the general comments feed to FeedBurner


Role Manager
Allows creation of custom roles and editing of roles' permissions. Used to create the Reviewer role, which can read Private articles, so that authors can see their articles before publication.