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Please follow the guidelines below when creating or editing Code4Lib Journal articles in WordPress. Enter all articles as "Posts".


Title, including the subtitle, goes in the "Title" field.

Article Content

The body of the article goes in the "Post" field. The top-level header (<h1>) is used for the title of the post, so start with second-level headers (<h2>) for sections of the article. Any header from second- to sixth-level may be used as appropriate. Use HTML markup appropriately and semantically, e.g., <em> for emphasized text, <strong> for strongly emphasized text, <blockquote> when quoting blocks of text. Avoid such monstrosities as <font> and <blink>.

External Content




While you are editing the article, there is a box labeled "Optional Excerpt" a little ways below the "Post" field. Put the abstract here. Use HTML markup as appropriate. What you put in this field is what will be distributed in our syndication feed and what will appear before the article as the abstract.


We would like to provide COinS information with every citation. To put this information in, open the Code tab, put the cursor before the citation, and click COinS. Enter the appropriate information.

Author Information

Every author will have a corresponding account in WordPress. Unless the author already has an account for some other reason (say, is an editor), the author will be assigned the role of "Contributor".

  • Create the user account
  • Set the role to "Contributor"
  • Set the "Display name publicly as:" field to the full first and last name
  • Put any biographical information about the author in the "About the user" section

Meanwhile, back of the article editing page, set the author to the appropriate user.