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Code4Lib Journal has signed an agreement with EBSCO whereby they will index the content of our issues in the LISTA database.

In March 2018, the Code4Lib Community voted to engage CLIR as its fiscal agent. The signed MOU includes provisions for the Journal to be included in their sponsorship and receive royalty funds accrued at EBSCO on behalf of the Journal. Carol Bean initiated negotiations on renewing the contract with EBSCO, with input from the Journal's Editorial Committee. Relevant discussions can be found in these c4lj-articles threads:

CLIR agreed to sign the agreement on the Journal's behalf at the Editorial Committee's direction, and to be the contact point with EBSCO for the agreement. The final discussion thread and signed agreement can be found in this thread in the c4lj-articles group list:!topic/c4lj-articles/886b1Qtca2A

Funds due the Journal from EBSCO will be deposited with CLIR, who will administer them at the direction of the Editorial Committee. The primary contact for the Editorial Committee will be whoever is the Coordinating Editor, although communication can and may be through other members of the E.C. (as listed on the Journal Editorial Committee Page)

Decisions on using accumulated funds will be made by the Editorial Committee and communicated to CLIR through either the Coordinating Editor or another designated contact within the E.C.

The initial agreement can be found as an attached PDF in this posting on c4lj-articles.

They agreed to get the HTML from us directly:

Currently (3/12/2010) there's a problem with indexing; only Issue 7 has actually been indexed. Jodi sent a follow up to EBSCO about this problem, based on this email from their data group.

Follow-up from EBSCO