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About this Page

Next Meeting: Code4Lib Northern California (NorCal) regional meeting this August 10th, 2017 at Stanford University. The plan is to hold a 1-day unconference similar to previous Code4Lib NorCal Code4Lib Regional meetings. This meeting will be unconference-y in nature, with some structure prepared before, but day-of proposals encouraged. Sessions could include lightning talks, scoped workshops, breakout sessions, and hackathons.

Planning information, confirmed details, and participation steps for possible Code4Lib Northern California event(s) in 2017 are kept below. Help out with planning or get more details for this event in the communication channels listed below.

More Information on Code4Lib NorCal & Group Communication

For more information on Code4Lib Northern California, review this collection of pages which also has details from past events, join the Code4Lib NorCal Google Group, and/or join the Code4Lib #norcal Slack Channel.

If you want to propose, collaborate on planning, or support Code4Lib Northern California event(s) in 2017 or in the future, use the Google Group and/or the Slack channel to alert your regional neighbors (who can help, give feedback, highlight possible schedule conflicts, etc.).

2017 Code4Lib NorCal Events

Code4Lib NorCal August 10 2017 Meeting

Below is the planning document for a possible Code4Lib Nor Cal 2017 Event this August 10th at Stanford. Feel free to jump into the planning efforts - we want all the collaboration we can get!

Link to the Planning Working Document in Google Drive