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Thoughts during 2008 conference

  • <JodiS> 2 projectors, k?
  • <dbs> have a dedicated presentation laptop ready on standby
  • Have laptop powered up, with screensaver off, tested with projector, running OS X (with iWork) and Windows / Parallels (with MS Office & OpenOffice). Also load the presentation laptops with the direct link to the taping/recording software (see ).
  • <JodiS> thumbdrives, except for demos
  • Ask presenters to use canned screencasts when possible (and offer pre-conference links to directions on how to create screencasts)
  • Turn off Growl.
  • Provide at least three flip-charts in the lobby area -- one for breakouts, one for lightning talks and one for extra curricular activities.
  • For the lightning talk flip-chart, pre-mark it with numbers so there aren't too many lightning talks signed up for a particular block in the schedule.
  • Provide a web service to collect feedback for speakers
  • Add a "HOWTO have fun" presentation early in the conference to invite more participation

Lightning Talk Titles You Can Steal

  • So Much FOAF So Close To ~/
  • Where I'm Context-Sensitive Searching From
  • The Third Thing That Killed My NextGen OPAC Project Off
  • Where Metadata Comes Together With Other Metadata
  • They're Not Your Records
  • I Had This Idea That I Have No Idea How To Do, Do You?