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code4lib 2012 Volunteers

Hospitality Suite Committee

This committee makes arrangements for any hospitality suite amenities (technology, snacks, games, icebreakers...) we may want

  • Mike Giarlo -- Penn State [Glad to be a keyholder, room-sitter, and general tidier-upper]
  • Tom Johnson -- Oregon State University
  • Lisa Kurt [lkurt at unr dot edu]-- University of Nevada, Reno
  • Carmen Mitchell -- California State University San Marcos
  • Declan Fleming -- UCSD
  • Becky Yoose -- Grinnell College
  • Devon Smith

Welcome Wagon Committee

Offers conference newcomers an opportunity to self-identify; offers oldtimers an opportunity to meet newcomers. May also want to constitute a year-round variation for #code4lib.

  • Becky Yoose(b.yoose at gmail dot com) -- Grinnell College
  • Bohyun Kim(kimb at fiu dot edu) -- Florida International University
  • Jason Clark (jaclark at montana dot edu) Montana State University

Social Networking

Responsible for non-IRC social networking presence.

  • Rowena McKernan (rmckernan at whatcom dot ctc dot edu) ~ Whatcom Community College

IRC Evangelists

Demonstrate how to get onto #code4lib during Registration. Offer support for newcomers in #code4lib during the conference.

  • Sam Kome (skome) Claremont Colleges
  • Gabriel Farrell (gsf) (gsf747@gmail.com) Drexel University
  • Michael Klein (mbklein) (mbklein@gmail.com) Stanford University
  • Jon Gorman University of Illinois

IRC Access

Look into technology/procedures to make connecting to, and maintaining a connection to, IRC less painful.

  • Michael B. Klein -- emailed Freenode with IP block for conference.
  • Cary Gordon (highermath) (cgordon at chillco.com) -- The Cherry Hill Company

Video Committee

Video archiving and video streaming possibilities.

  • Corey Harper corey dot harper gmail
  • Shaun Ellis shaune@princeton.edu
  • Cary Gordon (cgordon at chillco.com) -- The Cherry Hill Company

Registration Desk Volunteers

We need 1-2 volunteers to hang out at the registration desk for 2-hour shifts. Also on Monday and Tuesday, an additional volunteer with wireless access knowledge would be helpful on the Registration Desk to answer tech questions.

  • Dan Suchy (dansuchy at gmail) -- UC San Diego
  • Doris Munson (dmunson at ewu.edu) -- Eastern Washington University
  • Tod Robbins (todd.d.robbins at gmail) -- University of Washington

Registration Desk Schedule

Monday 7-8 am

  • (wireless expert)

Monday 8-9 am

  • (wireless expert)

Monday 9-10 am

Tuesday 7-8 am

  • (wireless expert)

Tuesday 8-9 am

  • (wireless expert)

Tuesday 9-10 am


Tuesday AM

Tuesday PM

  • Peter Murray

Wednesday AM

  • Becky Yoose

Wednesday PM

Thursday AM

  • Cynthia Ng

Microphone Runners

Run wireless handheld microphones to audience members asking questions. Ask Anything Session: Wed. 11:15-12

  • Jeanne Kliewer (jkliewer at emporia dot edu) Emporia State University

Session Timer Volunteers

People who volunteer to sit up front, keep time (and bring timer equipment - i.e. a laptop with a stopwatch program).

  • Ann Gleason (amwhit24 at uw dot edu) - University of Washington -- Not registered.
  • Carmen Mitchell (carmenmitchell at gmail dot com) - California State University San Marcos
  • Tod Robbins (todd.d.robbins at gmail) - University of Washington -- Not registered.

Schedule for Session Timers

Tuesday AM

Tuesday PM

Wednesday AM

Wednesday PM

Thursday AM


  • Kyle Banerjee (calling awardees)
  • (backup)
  • Michael B. Klein, Stanford University (mbklein@gmail.com) (program)