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As part of the community’s effort to continually improve on creating and maintaining an inclusive, safer environment at the code4lib annual conference, the conference planners this year will bring in a new role at the conference that will help with the implementation and processes surrounding the #codeofconduct4lib. The new role, duty officer, will provide initial triage and handling of serious events at the conference, particularly complaints of discrimination, harassment or assault.

Briefly, a duty officers is:

  • a highly visible point of contact for conference attendees for any possible enforcement or violation of the #codeofconduct4lib
  • responsible for taking initial reports of problems and referring them to conference organizers or to appropriate services
  • willing to be interrupted from regular conference program or activities during their shift

Duty officers are not:

  • expected to answer general queries for the conference
  • responsible for handling incidents beyond the initial report
  • expected to perform duties of professional counselors, security, or other emergency professionals - only to refer to professional services when deemed appropriate

The Local Planning Committee is putting out a call for volunteers for duty officers to those who are attending the annual conference. To qualify to be a duty officer, the person must meet the following requirements:

  • attendance of at least one previous code4lib annual conference
  • available for an online training (via Skype/Hangout/etc) and a short in-person refresher training at the conference
  • agree to do 2-3 two hour shifts at the annual conference, with the understanding that you may be called on to help by your fellow duty officers in the event of an emergency.
  • committed to communicating is tactful, empathetic ways
  • has read and is committed to upholding the #codeofconduct4lib