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Code4lib Meetups in Edmonton

Purpose: To connect with other code4libbers in the area and start building a code4lib community in Edmonton, Alberta.


First 2014 Meetup

The first meetup of 2014 will take place Thursday, April 3, at Block 1912, 10361 82 Ave Edmonton, Alberta. We'll be discussing the recent Edmonton Public Library Open Data Day, and plans for the upcoming year.

Second 2014 Meetup

We'll be meeting Thursday, July 31, at the Underground Tap & Grill on Jasper Avenue. Topics up for discussion: hammering out the details of the Netspeed Hackfest, a second evening of lightning talks to be held in November, and organizing a fun, lighthearted debate around apps vs. responsive design.

Netspeed Hackfest Planning Meeting

Code4Lib YEG will be hosting a Hackfest for the Netspeed conference on Wednesday, September 15th. If you are interested in helping to organize/pitching in on the day, please join us at Cafe 1912 on Whyte Ave, at 6:30 pm, next Wednesday, August 13, 2014.


Inaugural Meetup

The inaugural meetup of Code4Lib North - Edmonton will take place on Thursday, May 9, 2013, 6:00pm at The Underground, 10004 Jasper Ave, Edmonton. This will be a simple meet-and-greet to gauge interest levels for Code4Lib North in Edmonton. Everyone is welcome!

Second Meetup

We'll be meeting again on Thursday, June 13. We've tentatively decided on going to the Underground again, but this may change (I'll post an update here if it does). This meeting will hopefully build on some of the ideas we had at our first meeting, and we can make the first steps towards organizing an activity of some kind.

Third Meetup and Lightning Talk Planning Session

We're planning a lightning talk evening some time in November, so we should get together to plan it. We're going to meet at The Empress Ale House, 9912 82 Avenue, at 6 pm on Thursday, October 3rd. Hopefully we'll be able to knock out the basic planning for the lightning talk evening at this session.

First Lightning Talk evening

Our first event - an evening of lightning talks and a tour of the new Edmonton Public Library makerspace - took place November 21st, 2014. We had really great turnout (especially given the cold and snowy weather) and heard from a wide variety of speakers on many topics of interest. We're looking forward to capitalizing on the interest in the new year.

Contact Information

For information about Code4Lib YEG, please contact Sam Popowich (spopowich at gmail dot com).