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The Emilda project began in 2000 as a simple Perl-based ILS. It then grew into a more full-featured PHP-based ILS which was released under the GPL in March 2003. The last version listed on their website is 1.2.3 which was released in 2005. This version uses Zebra for MARC indexing, MySQL for other functions and includes an OPAC, circulation and various administrative functions. Emilda is no longer under active development as discussed on their mailing list:

"Emilda is currently undergoing a fairly stagnated phase. The company behind Emilda, Realnode Oy, is realigning its business focus which implies that Emilda no longer fits into the core portfolio of the company."

"Emilda is however currently also being developed in cooperation with other parties, however not under any strict or binding release schedule. This means that every now and then there are new features being added to the SVN-repository, but there are no plans to release any stable releases any time soon. The code on SVN is currently in production use, so it IS stable, but not a release."