How To Plan A Code4LibCon/ContentPlan

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Content Plan

Internal Communications


External Communications


Conference Lead-Up:

  • The community knows about/knows the timeline for the following as soon as the timeline is available (in chronological order):
   * Conference/Pre-Conference dates
   * Keynote Speaker submission dates
   * Conference and hotel registration dates, information
   * Keynote Speaker voting
   * Talk submission guidelines and dates
   * Talk voting
   * Conference schedule
   * Last-minute conference details
  • It might be worth considering whether to create a conference email list of attendees, vendors, etc. so as not to clog the listserv with emails not relevant to the folks not at the conference? Was there discussion about this last year?

During the Conference

After the Conference

Roles and Responsibilities

During the conference:

  • Official information Tweeter
  • Official information IRC chat-er
  • Official information emailer