Ideas for 2013

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Code4Lib 2013 ideas


  1. Keep Super Bowl Sunday free
  2. Avoid snow and bitter cold!


  1. If you do the preconferences in the main conference space (vs. in spread-out off-site spots), many people will expect breakfast or at least regular coffee/tea/soft-drink breaks throughout the day (so have them?)
  2. Is it possible to get a hot breakfast with/instead of continental?
  3. Consider Vegetarians
  4. Decent lunch menu - not taco or spaghetti :-)
  5. Automated Testing

(Note: some attendees really like tacos and/or spaghetti, and think these are excellent lunch choices. YMMV.)


Use EventBrite--it's worth the admin money for the ease of use, and the reports that can be generated

Suggestions from dchuds talk

  • less complacency from overall committee--less burden on local org committee
  • Advisory committee
  • Programming committee - don't have voting on talks
  • do work in the open
  • build on experience from past conferences
  • code4lib multicore

Other ideas

  • more regional c4l
  • keep voting on programming!!!