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Maryland, Washington D.C etc.

We want to bring the code{4}lib experience to the library community in the Maryland and Washington area. Our hope is that meeting at the regional level will strengthen our local connections and develops more real world collaborative efforts.

Next Meeting

The Friday, July 17 Meeting at NAL has been postponed to August 5th.

The August 5th meeitng will be a joint meeting between code{4}libMDC and the DC Fedora Users Group. The meeting will be held on August 5, 2009 at NAL, this meeting will serve as the initial meeting for the DC Fedora Users Group and the second meeting of code{4}libMDC. We have confirmed the meeting will be attended by Thornton (Thorny) Staples , Director of Community Strategy and Outreach for the Fedora project and Andrew Woods, Senior Developer with the DuraSpace organization. More details to follow in the coming weeks.

Previous Meetings

Code4LibMDC had it's first meeting on Friday April 3, at the National Agricultural Library in Beltsville MD a.m. A total of 30 people attended including people from: USDA, NASA, National Agricultural Library, Library of Congress, The Supreme Court Library, The United States Senate Library, National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration.


  1. Welcome by Maria Pisa, NAL's Associate Director for Public Services
  2. Individual introductions
  3. Presentations
     · John Doyle from the National Library of Medicine (NLM) gave a presentation on the use of Fedora Commons at NLM.
     · Vernon Chapman from the Agriculture Network Information Center (AgNIC) gave a presentation on Searching OAI-PMH metadata with SOLR. 
  4. Discussion of Next steps for Code4LibMDC
     · What will this group to be?
           · Open to all in the library community.
           · Showcase of library technology.
           · Formula for sharing of code and ideas.
           · A place for the development of collaborate projects.
     · How to get involved?
           · Prepare presentation on what you are currently working on:
               · Preparing for a new ILS.
               · Metadata translation
               · Digital repositories 
           · Share ideas.
           · Join smaller a hoc meetings.
           · Set up a local Listserv for this group.     
  5. Scheduling
     · Meet quarterly for face to face meetings 
     · Hosted at sites in the area.
     · Vote on location of meeting on local Listserv.