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Logistics and planning info for the 2015 C4L MDC Meetup.

Organizing folks

  • Andrea Medina-Smith
  • Ben Wallberg
  • Bill Helman
  • Bohyun Kim
  • Bria Parker
  • Francis Kayiwa
  • Josh Westgard
  • Laura Wrubel
  • Neil M. Frau-Cortes

(Please add your name if you are attending and willing to help organizing!)

Details, schedule, and registration

    • Registration is free, but please do register if you are planning to attend (so we can plan accordingly)!
    • 8/11: Prepared talks (Morning), Unconference (Afternoon)
    • 8/12: Hackathon and Workshops

20-minute talks - feel free to sign up

  • IMLS Grant Opportunities for Digital Library Projects --Tjowens (talk) 08:15, 16 July 2015 (PDT)
  • CSV validation scripts for metadata wrangling -- Josh Westgard
  • Omeka S: The multisite and linky next generation of Omeka -- Patrick Murray-John
  • Users, UX, & Technology: Going hi-tech with your classroom AV system -- Bohyun Kim
  • What We're Doing with our DH Mellon Grant - Mackenzie Brooks

Unconference discussion topic - feel free to sign up

  • DSpace and everything around the Dspace ecosystem. -- Ben Wallberg to lead
  • Omeka S connectors -- To What, How, and Why should Omeka connect to other systems (DSpace (Hi, Ben!), Fedora, etc) -- Patrick Murray-John
  • Makerspace programs and events: ideas and discsusion -- Bohyun Kim (If there are enough people working on this)
  • JupyterHub for documenting code/data practices, and instruction.
  • Github for dummies - A. Medina-Smith to lead
  • Research data - What is everyone doing with research data? What should we be doing (storage, collection, analysis; all, none, or more)? - Julia Blase (and some SIL folks)

Hackathon ideas - feel free to post

  • A simple transcription tool for Fedora or Omeka-based digital collections
  • Integrate Omeka and CollectionSpace

Workshop topics - feel free to sign up

  • All your Logs are belong to us.

A workshop on how to do central logging of server logs. using Elasticsearch, Logstash/lumberjack and Kibana. Users will leave with a basic understanding of how to use these three tools to look at logs of all sorts up to and including the tweets.


Code of Conduct

The Code4Lib Code of Conduct is in force at every Code4Lib gathering. Please read it, abide by it, and help to enforce it.