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===Unconference discussion topics ===
===Unconference discussion topics ===
* Add your own here!
* Planning for [[:Category:Code4Lib2018|Code4Lib 2018 Conference]]
* Add your own here!
* Add your own here!

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Logistics and planning info for the 2017 C4L DC/MD/VA Meetup.


Thursday July 13, 2017
9:00-5:00 (entry beginning 8am)
Gelman Library
George Washington University


Register at MDC/2017/Registration.

Registration is free, but please do register if you are planning to attend, so we can plan accordingly! We have a maximum capacity of 48.

Code of Conduct

The Code4Lib Code of Conduct is in force at every Code4Lib gathering. Please read it, abide by it, and help to enforce it.

Proposed Talks/Sessions/Workshops

Propose your talk below! Add additional bullet point as necessary.

20-minute talks

  • Bootstrapping Digital Services: Developing Self-Supporting Service Models for Library Programs; Kate Dohe, Ben Wallberg (UMD)
  • Beyond NDSR: Long-Term Impacts from a Short-Term Residency; Elizabeth England, Lora Woodford (JHU)
  • Add your own here!

Unconference discussion topics

Hackathon ideas

  • Add your own here!
  • Add your own here!

Workshop topics

  • Add your own here!
  • Add your own here!

Planning Team

(Please add your name if you are planning to attend and are able to help!)

  • Ben Wallberg, University of Maryland Libraries - Primary Contact
  • Bohyun Kim, University of Maryland, Baltimore, Health Sciences and Human Services Library - Secondary Contact
  • Nick Kerelchuk, DC Public Libraries - Tertiary Contact
  • Joel Richard, Smithsonian Libraries - Tertiary Contact
  • Kate Dohe, University of Maryland Libraries - Tertiary Contact
  • Peggy Griesinger, George Mason University - Tertiary Contact
  • Jaime Mears, Library of Congress - Tertiary Contact
  • Rachel Trent, George Washington University - Tertiary Contact
  • Add your name here!