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# [mailto:plottel@gwu.edu Tina Plottel], George Washington University
# [mailto:plottel@gwu.edu Tina Plottel], George Washington University
# [mailto:matthew.m.pearson@nasa.gov Matthew Pearson]
# [mailto:matthew.m.pearson@nasa.gov Matthew Pearson]
# [mailito:mitchell.shelton@nasa.gov Shelton, Mitchell]
# [mailto:mitchell.shelton@nasa.gov Mitchell Shelton]
# [mailto:adrienne.m.hieb@nasa.gov Hieb, Adrienne]
# [mailto:adrienne.m.hieb@nasa.gov Adrienne Hieb]
# [mailto:jgottwig@umd.edu Jeremy Gottwig]
# [mailto:jgottwig@umd.edu Jeremy Gottwig]

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Registration for the 2017 C4L DC/MD/VA Meetup.

Registration is free, but please do register by adding your name to this list if you are planning to attend, so we can plan accordingly! We have a maximum capacity of 48.

You need to have a wiki account to update this page. See instructions for requesting a new account on the Login Page Or, send email to Ben Wallberg, wallberg@umd.edu to be added to the list.

  1. Ben Wallberg, University of Maryland Libraries
  2. Bohyun Kim, University of Maryland, Baltimore, Health Sciences and Human Services Library
  3. Nick Kerelchuk, DC Public Libraries
  4. Joel Richard, Smithsonian Libraries
  5. Kate Dohe, University of Maryland Libraries
  6. Peggy Griesinger, George Mason University
  7. Jaime Mears, Library of Congress
  8. Rachel Trent, George Washington University
  9. Elizabeth England, Johns Hopkins University
  10. Lora Woodford, Johns Hopkins University
  11. Amanda French, George Washington University
  12. Esmé Cowles, Princeton University
  13. Wendy Mann, George Mason University
  14. Sarah Weissman, Space Telescope Science Institute, Mikulski Archive
  15. Sarah Hovde, Folger Shakespeare Library
  16. Brooke
  17. Michael Levy, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
  18. Laura Davis
  19. Rachel Curtis
  20. Tracy Meehleib
  21. Kyle Breneman, University of Baltimore
  22. Carolyn Cox, University of Baltimore
  23. Lorena Ramirez-Lopez
  24. Drew Heles, Johns Hopkins University
  25. Amy Wickner
  26. Trey Gordner
  27. Tina Plottel, George Washington University
  28. Matthew Pearson
  29. Mitchell Shelton
  30. Adrienne Hieb
  31. Jeremy Gottwig