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* [[Umlaut]] - OpenURL link resolving middleware
* [[Umlaut]] - OpenURL link resolving middleware
* [[Patterns for Collaborative Code]] - Patterns to make your open source 'more open', more amenable to distributed development and use at multiple institutions without forking.
* [[ILS Documentation]]
* [[ILS Documentation]]
* [[OSS Directory]]
* [[OSS Directory]]

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Code4Lib Wiki

Local / Regional Groups

Interest Groups

Software Usage and Documentation

Conference/Workshop Materials

  • SearchCampDC - barcamp style event in DC with usual suspects from code4lib
  • LinkedData - A proposal for a linked-data code4lib2009 pre-conference
  • LibX_Preconference - Proposal for a half-day pre-conference targeted at developers who wish to use the LibX 2.0 platform
  • RoommatesRidesEtc - Find roommates for Code4Lib 2009, share rides, etc.
  • BookRaffle - coordinate begging publishers for books to raffle off at the conference

Code4lib Journal

Current topics

Other Code4Lib Sites

AdminToDo - ideas and tasks for maintaining the Code4Lib sites