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* Becky Yoose
* Becky Yoose
* Julia Bauder
* Julia Bauder
* Wendy Robertson

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Code4Lib Midwest 2013 planning

Disappointed you won't be going to Austin for Code4Lib next year? Come visit the (one true) "Austin of the Midwest," aka Iowa City! University of Iowa Libraries would like to host your 2013 Code4Lib Midwest meeting, and we'd like to know how best to get you all here. We can offer dates in either August (any time from 8/1-9, 8/16-17, or 8/23-24) or in late September/early October, and we want to know when would work best for you. If you might be interested in attending, leave your name, organization, and preferred dates below (or contact us directly), so we can have an estimate for booking an appropriately sized room. More details to follow.


University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, IA


Even if you're unsure you'll be able to attend, let us know if you're interested and your preferences for dates (August--anytime from 8/1-9, 8/16-17, or 8/23-24 or in late September/early October)

  • Shawn Averkamp, University of Iowa (no preference on dates)
  • Emily Shaw, University of Iowa (prefer late September/early October, but could do August)
  • Matthew Butler, University of Iowa (August)
  • Audrey Altman, University of Iowa (August)
  • Francis Kayiwa, University of Illinois at Chicago (late August 8/23+ or late September/early October)
  • Linda Ballinger, Newberry Library (mid to late August [okay] or late September/early October [better])
  • Margaret Heller, Loyola University Chicago (no preference on dates)
  • Aaron Collie, Michigan State University. No preferences on dates.
  • Becky Yoose, Grinnell College (no preference, except not late August)
  • Ranti Junus, Michigan State University (no preference)
  • Julia Bauder, Grinnell College (prefer late September, mid-October, or mid/late August, could do early August, couldn't do October 4-6.)
  • Esther Verreau, Skokie Public Library (no preference)
  • John Barneson, University of Minnesota, prefer Fall
  • Jason Stirnaman, University of Kansas Medical Center (Fall)
  • Scott Hanrath, University of Kansas (prefer Sep/Oct)
  • Mackenzie Brooks, Loyola University Chicago (anything but early August)


Sign up here if you'd like to help with planning.

  • Matthew Butler
  • Becky Yoose
  • Julia Bauder
  • Wendy Robertson


  • Shawn Averkamp, University of Iowa, shawn-averkamp@uiowa.edu
  • Emily Shaw, University of Iowa, emily-f-shaw@uiowa.edu

Mailing List

Sign up for updates and participate in planning on the Code4Lib Midwest mailing list/Google group.