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== Upcoming conference ==
== Upcoming conference ==
Planning has begun for a New England Code4Lib conference.  
Planning has not yet begun for a New England Code4Lib conference for 2013.  
== Past Meetings ==
[[NECode4lib 2012 Home]]
[[NECode4lib 2012 Home]]
The goal is to hold the conference at Yale University in September 2012.  Planning committee members include:
Matthew Beacom<br>
Michael Friscia<br>
Cindy Greenspun<br>
Michelle Hudson<br>
James Luker<br>
Mark Matienzo<br>
Joe Montibello<br>
Tito Sierra<br>
Kalee Sprague<br>
Randy Stern<br>
== Planning Tasks ==
We have begun to develop a planning [[NEC4L:tasklist|task list]]
== Planning Meetings ==
=== 2012/01/27 ===
-          Conference will be 2 days on October 26, 27 (Fri, Sat) at Yale. We will secure the lecture hall and additional rooms.<br>
-          Registration limit will be 150<br>
-          Format will be formal first day with keynote address, sessions, lunch, etc. Day 2 will be less formal, unconference, lightning, hackathon style. Birds of a feather (or birds not of a feather which is also fun) will get worked in somehow.<br>
-          Reception at the end of the first day will be at CSSSI (http://csssi.yale.edu/) with food/beverages.<br>
-          We all agree that we would like this to become an annual event with Harvard and Dartmouth in the mix as next hosts (order to be figured out later).<br>
-          We will make all campfire conversations publicly accessible. Emails circulated amongst us (like this) will be considered “Not Public”.<br>
-          We will post to the Code4Lib listserv throughout the planning process to let everyone know where we are at with it and also to help promote and keep interest in the event.<br>
-          Joe will follow up about the NE Code4Lib wiki to see if we can use this as our public facing website where we will place campfire sessions or other public information.<br>
-          Michelle will (already has) create a survey to test the waters for possible attendance numbers<br>
-          I will draft 2 emails, one to go with the survey and one as a request for proposals (to come later on).<br>
-          Cindy will reserve rooms for these two days.<br>
== Past Meetings ==

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Upcoming conference

Planning has not yet begun for a New England Code4Lib conference for 2013.

Past Meetings

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