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Welcome to the wiki home of the New England "chapter" of Code4Lib.

My friends, let's get something started, eh?

1st Meeting (BPL)

When & Where

Date & Time: Tuesday, December 9, 2008, 9:00am-5:00pm

Location: Boston Public Library, McKim Building, McKim Conference Room

Signup: Feel free to declare your intention to join at the Upcoming event page.


The current plan is to start the day with presentations and/or lightning talks. When we run out of those we can then break out into groups to discuss and experiment according to interests. Use the sections below for general ideas of things to do or actual topics or projects you'd be willing to present on.

Suggest some Topics

  • Ripping open the guts of a particular lib app (by the author) as an architecture or implementation How-To (or How-Not-To) session?

Lightning (or Longer) Talks

  • Scraping article metadata using the CiteULike parsers - JayL
  • Update on code4lib 2009 conference planning - Jean Rainwater & Birkin Diana
  • Extending Zotero: Citation Style Language - Jodi Schneider
  • Semantic Web for Libraries or Microformats - Jodi Schneider
  • Semi-controlled-folksonomic-tagging-vocabulary: Encouraging Useful Metadata Contributions - Chris Beer & Courtney Michael
  • Common Knowledge at LibraryThing: Why Star Wars geeks are better than catalogers (for Star Wars stuff) - Tim Spalding
  • A Vocabulary Browser in Solr, SKOS, and XForms - Michael Klein
  • Introducing Scriblio's (still in beta) cataloging tools - Casey Bisson

Getting there

Follow the directions to the Central Library. Go in, turn right, the conference room is on your left before you get to the cafe. If anyone's driving, may we suggest the garage at 100 Clarendon Street (next to Back Bay Station). Close by, and far less expensive than any of the other local garages. Or, search nearby parking at MBTA: Copley for Green Line, Back Bay for Orange Line or Commuter Rail.

Voting process


Future meetings

Suggest some other, future locations below. Something not too hard to get to for folks in all corners of the N.E. area would be best

  • Somewhere in Western Mass (a.k.a. 413; a.k.a. Northampton, MA; a.k.a Hamp; a.k.a. NoHo) - This would work best for me, the further West, the more likely I can make it (ecorrado)
  • I can probably offer free space in our Concord NH campus with good network and projectors, though I realize that may be too far north for some --Casey
  • Somewhere in the Boston area
  • Portland, Maine, of course. Where else? LibraryThing will buy donuts.
  • I could suggest New Haven, but it isn't exactly a central location for this group. --dlovins
  • +1 for Portland, ME. I might be able to arrange meeting space at the U of Southern Maine if this is a viable location. --jonvw
  • Forbes Library during their business hours
  • Possibly one of the Five Colleges?
  • Boston Public Library (end by 9pm Monday through Thursday, or end by 5pm Friday through Sunday)
  • Elsewhere? Add to this list...
  • Come to PVD (Beatrice)
  • I would be happy to arrange something at MIT, once we've given some locations outside of Boston a try (sfish)


Feel free to add yourself.

  • Jay Luker, Ex Libris Software Engineer, lbjay#code4lib
  • Michael B. Klein, Digital Initiatives Technology Librarian at the Boston Public Library, mbklein#code4lib
  • Jodi Schneider, Science Library Specialist at the Amherst College Library, JodiS#code4lib
  • Casey Bisson, a person too lazy to list his own title
  • Daniel Lovins (Yale Library)
  • Tim Spalding (LibraryThing)
  • Jonathan Williams, URSUS Systems Manager, University of Maine System, jonvw#code4lib
  • Edward M. Corrado, Head of Library Technology, Binghamton University(NY); ecorrado#code4lib (yea, I know NY <> NE, but heck, if it is in the Western part of NE, I can make it)
  • Keith Jenkins (Cornell Univ.)
  • Winona Salesky, librarian in limbo
  • Andrew Bangert (Lewiston, ME)
  • Emily Alling (UMass Amherst)
  • Alison Babeu (Perseus Digital Library-Tufts University)
  • Greg McClellan (Brandeis University)
  • Chris Beer (WGBH)
  • Rosalyn Metz, Systems Administrator for Curricular Support (Wheaton College)
  • Jeffrey Barnett, Sr. Research Analyst (Yale University Library) and (yufind beta developer)
  • Tania Fersenheim (Brandeis University)
  • Dai Wei (Brandeis University)
  • Courtney Michael (WGBH)
  • Dov Frede (WGBH)
  • Rich Wenger (MIT Library)
  • Sands Fish (MIT Libraries R&D)
  • Jean Rainwater (Brown Univ.)
  • Birkin Diana (Brown Univ.)
  • Michael Park (Brown University)
  • Alberto Accomazzi, NASA Astrophysics Data System (morning only)
  • Liza Daly (
  • Ben Florin (Simmons College GSLIS)
  • James Fox (Simmons GSLIS, hopes to make it -boss don't read this)
  • David Dwiggins, Systems Librarian/Archivist, Historic New England (Not sure about meeting yet.)
  • Shannon Astolfi (Simmons College GSLIS, Minuteman Library Network)
  • Jennifer Eustis (Catalog and Metadata Librarian, Northeastern University, morning only)
  • Beatrice Pulliam (Providence College -- just lurking)
  • Gabriel Farrell (Drexel University)
  • Ari Davidow (Jewish Women's Archive, Brookline)


Questions or suggestions for improvement? Either add them here, ask on the code4lib list or in the #code4lib IRC channel on freenode.

Other Events Nearby


  • NERCOMP Beyond Information Discovery Monday 11/3
  • Mobile Mania: Developing information services for portable devices Wednesday 11/5 (Boston)
  • PALINET Open Source discovery systems day VuFind, Blacklight, Lucene/Solr applications Thursday 11/6 (Philadelphia)
  • NYC METRO Science Librarians: Rutgers on authentic digital objects; NSDL on updates Friday 11/7 1:30 PM (NYC)
  • OCLC/NYPL Labs Hackfest: Fri 11/7 & Sat 11/8 (NYC)
  • DLF Fall Forum, for DLF institutions: Weds-Fri 11/12-14 (Providence)


  • Five College-sponsored unconference 5/29 (Amherst, MA) -- date may change due to LibCamp
  • LibCamp NYC June 3 (Brooklyn College Library, Brooklyn, New York)