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Welcome to the wiki home of the New England "chapter" of Code4Lib.

My friends, let's get something started, eh?

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Future meetings

Suggest some other, future locations below. Something not too hard to get to for folks in all corners of the N.E. area would be best

  • Somewhere in Western Mass (a.k.a. 413; a.k.a. Northampton, MA; a.k.a Hamp; a.k.a. NoHo) - This would work best for me, the further West, the more likely I can make it (ecorrado)
  • I can probably offer free space in our Concord NH campus with good network and projectors, though I realize that may be too far north for some --Casey
  • Somewhere in the Boston area
  • Portland, Maine, of course. Where else? LibraryThing will buy donuts.
  • I could suggest New Haven, but it isn't exactly a central location for this group. --dlovins
  • +1 for Portland, ME. I might be able to arrange meeting space at the U of Southern Maine if this is a viable location. --jonvw
  • Forbes Library during their business hours
  • Possibly one of the Five Colleges?
  • Boston Public Library (end by 9pm Monday through Thursday, or end by 5pm Friday through Sunday)
  • Elsewhere? Add to this list...
  • Come to PVD (Beatrice)
  • I would be happy to arrange something at MIT, once we've given some locations outside of Boston a try (sfish)


Feel free to add yourself.

  • Jay Luker, Ex Libris Software Engineer, lbjay#code4lib
  • Michael B. Klein, Digital Initiatives Technology Librarian at the Boston Public Library, mbklein#code4lib
  • Jodi Schneider, Science Library Specialist at the Amherst College Library, JodiS#code4lib
  • Casey Bisson, a person too lazy to list his own title
  • Daniel Lovins (Yale Library)
  • Tim Spalding (LibraryThing)
  • Jonathan Williams, URSUS Systems Manager, University of Maine System, jonvw#code4lib
  • Edward M. Corrado, Head of Library Technology, Binghamton University(NY); ecorrado#code4lib (yea, I know NY <> NE, but heck, if it is in the Western part of NE, I can make it)
  • Keith Jenkins (Cornell Univ.)
  • Winona Salesky, librarian in limbo
  • Andrew Bangert (Lewiston, ME)
  • Emily Alling (UMass Amherst)
  • Alison Babeu (Perseus Digital Library-Tufts University)
  • Greg McClellan (Brandeis University)
  • Chris Beer (WGBH)
  • Rosalyn Metz, Systems Administrator for Curricular Support (Wheaton College)
  • Jeffrey Barnett, Sr. Research Analyst (Yale University Library) and (yufind beta developer)
  • Tania Fersenheim (Brandeis University)
  • Dai Wei (Brandeis University)
  • Courtney Michael (WGBH)
  • Dov Frede (WGBH)
  • Rich Wenger (MIT Library)
  • Sands Fish (MIT Libraries R&D)
  • Jean Rainwater (Brown Univ.)
  • Birkin Diana (Brown Univ.)
  • Michael Park (Brown University)
  • Alberto Accomazzi, NASA Astrophysics Data System (morning only)
  • Liza Daly (
  • Ben Florin (Simmons College GSLIS)
  • James Fox (Simmons GSLIS, hopes to make it -boss don't read this)
  • David Dwiggins, Systems Librarian/Archivist, Historic New England (Not sure about meeting yet.)
  • Shannon Astolfi (Simmons College GSLIS, Minuteman Library Network)
  • Jennifer Eustis (Catalog and Metadata Librarian, Northeastern University, morning only)
  • Beatrice Pulliam (Providence College -- just lurking)
  • Gabriel Farrell (Drexel University)
  • Ari Davidow (Jewish Women's Archive, Brookline)


Questions or suggestions for improvement? Either add them here, ask on the code4lib list or in the #code4lib IRC channel on freenode.

Other Events Nearby


  • NERCOMP Beyond Information Discovery Monday 11/3
  • Mobile Mania: Developing information services for portable devices Wednesday 11/5 (Boston)
  • PALINET Open Source discovery systems day VuFind, Blacklight, Lucene/Solr applications Thursday 11/6 (Philadelphia)
  • NYC METRO Science Librarians: Rutgers on authentic digital objects; NSDL on updates Friday 11/7 1:30 PM (NYC)
  • OCLC/NYPL Labs Hackfest: Fri 11/7 & Sat 11/8 (NYC)
  • DLF Fall Forum, for DLF institutions: Weds-Fri 11/12-14 (Providence)


  • Five College-sponsored unconference 5/29 (Amherst, MA) -- date may change due to LibCamp
  • LibCamp NYC June 3 (Brooklyn College Library, Brooklyn, New York)