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Welcome to the wiki home of the New England "chapter" of Code4Lib.

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Mailing List

Code4Lib NE has a low-traffic mailing list/Google group. Please consider subscribing to keep up to date.

Upcoming conference

Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey about planning a NEC4L in 2015. It looks like April 2015 is the preferred month with the option of also having it in March. Also over half who responded would like to have the NEC4L in the Boston area with Western Mass coming in a far second. Those who indicated that they could sponsor will be contacted soon after the holidays. Once we have some information, we'll post it here. So stay tuned!

Update: A tentative date of Friday May 29, 2015 on the MIT campus in Cambridge, MA has been discussed. More details will be provided in February.

NECode4lib 2015 Home

Past Meetings

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