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Task List for Fall 2012 NE Code4Lib Meeting

Roles: program chair, local arrangements chair, communications chair, registration and finance chair

Open Issues:

  1. Many...

Program tasks

# Task Needed By Who Status Notes
1 define conference format/time breakdown 5/1/12 Mike In process Good draft from Mike
1 solicit keynote speakers, if any 3/1/12 Michelle Done Mark Matienzo or Michael Dula, Yale Library CTO
1 solicit presentation proposals 5/15/12 Randy Will create Google Form
1 evaluate proposals 6/15/12
1 decide on presenters 7/1/12
1 schedule presentations 7/5/12
1 decide if presenters are free (complicates everything) 5/1/12
1 contact presenters and get confirmations 7/5/12
1 create agenda for meeting (print? on-line?) 8/1/12
1 decide 1 presentation laptop, or each bring their own 9/1/12
1 setup laptop with all presentations 10/25/12
1 get copy of all presentations to post to wiki 11/15/12

Local arrangements tasks: Cindy And Kalee

# Task Needed By Who Status Notes
1 reserve conference rooms 4/1/12 Done
1 find hotels, negotiate deals, and reserve room blocks 8/1/12 cindy 2 hotels with room blocks, working on more, should have update by 4/27/12 mtg/clg
1 create restaurant list, transportation options, map of Yale, etc. 8/1/12
1 decide on food needs - coffee/tea, snacks, reception? 8/1/12 Cindy
1 arrange catering for event 8/1/12
1 decide on cost for event, and fee required 8/1/12 Mike in process goal of no cost to attendees
1 will there be vendor/partner tables 8/1/12
1 create signs to post, labeling rooms 10/22/12
1 any swag, pens, bags, or T-shirts? (donations?) 8/1/12
1 arrange A/V - will we video capture? 8/1/12
1 set up in days before 10/22/12
1 designate contact person phone/text/email during conference 10/1/12
1 solicit and designate volunteer help and roles during conference 10/1/12

Communications tasks

# Task Needed By Who Status Notes
1 decide on email lists to send notices to (will we create a NEC4L list?) 8/1/12 Randy Propose we just use regular C4L list and keep all in loop
1 send reminder to take poll 3/1/12 Randy moot will not do
1 send call for presenters 5/15/12 Randy will create google form for our review
1 send reminder to call for presenters 6/1/12
1 send agenda an registration details 8/1/12
1 respond to emails 8/1/12
1 twitter hashtag? 8/1/12
1 post-event communication 8/1/12

Registration and finance tasks

# Task Needed By Who Status Notes
determine registration fee - make budget 5/1/12
determine who funds if over budget 5/1/12
scholarships? 5/1/12
determine registration mechanism and cutoff date 8/1/12
locate sponsors? and administer 7/1/12
collect and account for money (bank account?) 8/1/12
send acceptance notes 9/1/12
handle cancellations 9/15/12
Name tags 10/22/12
list of participant names, emails for attendees 10/22/12
do we need a participant email list for use during conference and after? 8/1/12
use crowdvine or similar or just our wiki? 8/1/12