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| Giles Orr || Cipher Suites for Nginx and HAProxy || 15-20 mins. ||  
| Giles Orr || Cipher Suites for Nginx and HAProxy || 15-20 mins. ||  
| Mark Weiler || Unpacking Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (AA) conformance || 20 mins. || mweiler@wlu.ca

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Welcome to the home of the Ontario/Canada chapter of Code4Lib. Our aim is to create more opportunities for Code4Lib folks in the Ontario/Quebec/Manitoba/Northeast USA area to meet up in person.

Code4Lib North: the Ninth. OCAD University May 10-11, 2018

The 2018 Code4Lib North meeting will be held at the OCADU Library Learning Zone. We'll begin each day at a suitable time, like 9:30 am.

122 St. Patrick Street, Level 1 (also accessible from 113 McCaul Street)
Toronto, ON
M5T 2X8



Registration is available through EventBrite.

We will be observing the Code4Lib Code of Conduct.


Talk Sign Up

Code4Lib North is a great opportunity to talk about anything you are working on or pondering about. It can be as short as a 5 min lightning talk to just throw out some ideas or up to a 30 min talk on whatever you like

Name Topic Time (5 Min - 30 min) Way to contact*
Michael Ridley Explanable AI (XAI) & LIS 30 mins. mridley@uoguelph.ca (@mridley)
John Fink A peek at two decentralized data sharing protocols: IPFS and dat 15-20 mins. john.fink@gmail.com (@adr)
Giles Orr Cipher Suites for Nginx and HAProxy 15-20 mins.
Mark Weiler Unpacking Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (AA) conformance 20 mins. mweiler@wlu.ca

* Just so we can talk to you about getting slides or follow up questions. Feel free to email me instead if you don't want to enter anything here.

Hackfest & Group Discussion Ideas

Depending on feedback we might spend some time running a HackFest/Group Discussions instead of just presentations. Add your ideas.

Name Idea Way to contact*
Your name Your idea Contact (twitter, email, etc.)

* Just so we can talk to you about getting slides or follow up questions. Feel free to email me instead if you don't want to enter anything here.



Questions and/or concerns? Please contact:
Kaitlin Newson


Code4Lib North would like to thank OCAD University for providing space for this meeting.

Code4Lib North Past Events

To see past Code4Lib North events, go to the past events page.

Code4lib North Meetups in Toronto

Status: Active

Purpose: To connect with other code4libbers in the area and start building a code4lib community in Toronto, Ontario. (blatantly copied from the Ottawa group)

Meetup Group: code4lib toronto

Website & Blog: code4libtoronto.github.io

Mailing List: code4libtoronto-list@meetup.com

Hashtag: #code4libTO also used: the general #code4lib

Past Meetups

The first meetup was a simple social meetup on June 21, 2012. The idea is that other meetups will have presentations/talks to be had either before or during.

August 14, 2012 - Cool Tool Day

December 13, 2012 - Talk Notes

April 19, 2013 - session to encourage collaborative talks/presentations/hackfest ideas

Code4lib North Meetups in Ottawa

Purpose: To connect with other code4libbers in the area and start building a code4lib community in Ottawa, Ontario

code4lib Ottawa meetups are now organized using Meetup.com. Sign up to be informed of upcoming meetings.

Next Meetup

Date: Thursday April 9th, 2015

Keep an eye on the Meetup page for further details.

Past Meetups

The inaugural code4lib Ottawa meetup occurred on March 28, 2012 and was a simple meet-and-greet at a local pub. Since then, we try to combine this social event with some short interesting talks. Here is what we have learned about in recent meetups:

Tuesday October 7th, 2014


  • Mark Baker - Principal Architect at Zepheira provided a brief overview of some of Zepheira’s BibFrame tools in development.
  • Jennifer Whitney - Systems Librarian at MacOdrum Library presented OpenRefine (formerly Google Refine) – a neat and powerful tool for cleaning up messy data.
  • Sarah Simpkin, GIS and Geography Librarian & Catherine McGoveran, Government Information Librarian (both from UOttawa Library) - presented on a recent UOttawa sponsored Open Data Hackfest as well as to introduce you to Open Data Ottawa.

Location: MacOdrum Library, Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, ON, Ottawa, ON (map)

April 30, 2013 - Meet, and share your favourite Library technology

June 13, 2012 - Lightning Talks

Description of Talk
Devin Crawley from the Ottawa Public Library gave us a quick preview of the API to their BiblioCommons catalogue. The API will be publicly available this fall.
William Wueppelmann talked about what's going on at Canadiana.org and how they host and manage their huge digital collection and their efforts to achieve certification as a Trusted Digital Repository (TDR).
Mary Beth Baker spoke about the local tech scene in Ottawa and got us to consider the potential for collaboration with other groups.

April 24, 2012 - Show and Tell Session

Presenter Description of Talk
Max Neuvians Social-biblio.ca : An approach to Twitter data visualization, archiving, and the larger narrative.
Richard Akerman Richard Akerman and Mary Beth Baker are organizing a Reading Garden at the upcoming Canadian Library Association conference. They are seeking advice on how to provide wireless access. Anyone with ideas is encouraged to get in touch with them.
Warren Layton A quick demo of LibraryBox, a wireless filesharing device, which may have interesting applications in government and other libraries where IT restrictions can limit network use.

Who's interested in Code4Lib North?

Declare your interest in a Code4lib North chapter:

  • Wendy Huot, Queen's University
  • Michael Vandenburg, Queen's University
  • William Denton, York University
  • John Fink, McMaster University
  • Nick Ruest, McMaster University
  • Walter Lewis, Halton Hills/OurOntario
  • Edward Corrado, Binghamton University (NY, USA)
  • Warren Layton, Library of Parliament (Ottawa)
  • Pascal Calarco, University of Notre Dame (IN, USA)
  • Rob Fox, University of Notre Dame (IN, USA)
  • Mita Williams, University of Windsor
  • John Fereira, Cornell University
  • MJ Suhonos, Toronto Public Library
  • Dianne Dietrich, Cornell University
  • David Fiander, University of Western Ontario
  • Peter Schlumpf, Avanti Library Systems
  • Roy Zimmer, Western Michigan University
  • Kimberly Silk, Martin Prosperity Institute, University of Toronto
  • Andrew Darby, Ithaca College (Ithaca, NY)
  • Laura Harris, Grand Valley State University (western Michigan)
  • Tim Ribaric, Brock University
  • Sibyl Schaefer, University of Vermont
  • Peter Ellinger, Ontario Legislative Library, Toronto
  • Keith Jenkins, Cornell University
  • Patrick M. Lozeau
  • Mike Kreyche, Kent State University
  • Graham McCarthy, Ryerson University
  • John Miedema
  • Janey Chen, Ontario Legislative Library, Toronto
  • Rob McDonald, Carleton University
  • Amy Buckland, McGill University
  • Tricia Williams (pgwillia), Consultant/OurOntario
  • Mike Beccaria, Paul Smith's College (Paul Smiths, NY)
  • Amanda Etches-Johnson, McMaster University
  • Art Rhyno, University of Windsor
  • Mary Beth Baker, CIC (Ottawa)
  • Wayne Schneider, Hennepin County Library
  • Carol Serroul, CISTI
  • Graham Stewart, University of Toronto Libraries
  • Peter Zimmerman, University of Windsor
  • Margaret Kipp, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  • Dan Scott, Laurentian University
  • Lawrence Wardroper (Courts Administration Services Library, Ottawa)
  • Matt McCollow, McMaster University
  • George Duimovich, NRCan Library (Ottawa)
  • Bobbi Fox, Harvard University Library (Massachusetts)
  • Dileshni Jayasinghe, OCUL, University of Toronto
  • Eric Palmitesta, OCUL, University of Toronto
  • Alexander O'Neill, Robertson Library, University of Prince Edward Island
  • Chris Beer, WGBH (Massachusetts)
  • Robin Isard, Algoma University (Sault Ste Marie ON)
  • Pat Moore, Carleton University (Ottawa ON)
  • Alan Harnum, Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University (Toronto ON)
  • Colin Prince, University of Toronto Libraries
  • Tom Keays, Syracuse University LIbrary (Syracuse, NY)
  • Chris Charles, University of Guelph (Guelph, ON)
  • John MacGillivray, Carleton University (Ottawa ON)
  • Lester Webb, Kingston Frontenac Public Library (Kingston ON)
  • Elizabeth Goldman, Kingston Frontenac Public Library (Kingston ON)
  • Jennifer O'Donnell, Kingston Frontenac Public Library (Kingston ON)
  • David Smith, Kingston Frontenac Public Library (Kingston ON)
  • Loren Fantin, Our Ontario,Knowledge Ontario
  • Daulton Theodore, Carleton University (Ottawa, ON)
  • Peter MacDonald, Hamilton College (Clinton, NY)
  • Rebecca Larocque, North Bay Public Library (North Bay, ON)
  • Doris Rankin, Library and Information Management Consultant, Ottawa, ON
  • Diane Bédard, Learn Ontario & Our Ontario; Knowledge Ontario
  • Andre Vellino, CISTI / University of Ottawa
  • Mark Swartz, Queen's University
  • Adam Wead, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archives (Cleveland, OH)
  • Pramila Thakur, Ontario Legislative Library, Toronto
  • Anthony Petryk, University of Ottawa
  • Jan Dawson, Ask Ontario, Knowledge Ontario
  • Glen Newton, Carleton University
  • Patrick McMaster, Leeds & the 1000 Islands, Rideau Lakes, and North Grenville Public Libraries
  • Nasser Saleh, Queen's University (Kingston ON)
  • Stéfan Sinclair, McMaster University
  • William J Turkel, University of Western Ontario
  • Shirley Lew, Vancouver Community College, (Vancouver BC)
  • Edward Bilodeau, McGill University
  • Andrew McAlorum, University of Toronto Libraries
  • Marc d'Avernas, Waterloo Region District School Board
  • Whitni Watkins, St. Lawrence University (Canton, NY)

Meeting Location Suggestions for the Future

  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Sudbury, Ontario
  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • Montreal, Quebec

Mailing list

The code4lib-north mailing list was discontinued.