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(Who's interested? Put your name here...)
(Who's interested? Put your name here...)
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* [http://www.parser.ca/z678/ George Duimovich], NRCan Library (Ottawa)
* [http://www.parser.ca/z678/ George Duimovich], NRCan Library (Ottawa)
* [mailto:bobbi_fox@harvard.edu Bobbi Fox], Harvard University Library (Massachusetts)
* [mailto:bobbi_fox@harvard.edu Bobbi Fox], Harvard University Library (Massachusetts)
* Dileshni Jayasinghe, OCUL, University of Toronto

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Welcome to the wiki home of the new Ontario/Canada "chapter" of code4lib. Our aim is to create more opportunities for code4lib folks in the Ontario/Quebec/Manitoba/Northeast USA area to meet up in person.

Mailing list?

There's no mailing list for the chapter yet, but we can make one when we need one. Until then, we can use the main mailing list. No-one will mind.

First Meeting


Spring... May?

Meeting location suggestions

  • Kingston, Ontario
  • Toronto, Ontario (centrality)
  • Sudbury, Ontario (rocks)
  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • Montreal (Montreal)


1 or 1.5 days of lightning talks and discussion.

Suggest lighting talks and discussion topics

  • 5 minutes lighting talks
  • BOAF sessions
  • Depending on 1 day vs. 1.5 days, maybe a hackfest.

Who's interested? Put your name here...

Feel free to declare your interest in a code4lib North chapter:

  • Wendy Huot, Queen's University
  • Michael Vandenburg, Queen's University
  • William Denton, York University
  • John Fink, McMaster University
  • Nick Ruest, McMaster University
  • Walter Lewis, Halton Hills/OurOntario
  • Edward Corrado, Binghamton University (NY, USA)
  • Warren Layton, NRCan Library (Ottawa)
  • Pascal Calarco, University of Notre Dame (IN, USA)
  • Mita Williams, University of Windsor
  • John Fereira, Cornell University
  • MJ Suhonos, Toronto Public Library
  • Dianne Dietrich, Cornell University
  • David Fiander, University of Western Ontario
  • Peter Schlumpf, Avanti Library Systems
  • Roy Zimmer, Western Michigan University
  • Kimberly Silk, Martin Prosperity Institute, University of Toronto
  • Andrew Darby, Ithaca College (Ithaca, NY)
  • Laura Harris, Grand Valley State University (western Michigan)
  • Tim Ribaric, Brock University
  • Sibyl Schaefer, University of Vermont
  • Peter Ellinger, Ontario Legislative Library, Toronto
  • Keith Jenkins, Cornell University
  • Patrick M. Lozeau, inLibro
  • Mike Kreyche, Kent State University
  • Graham McCarthy, Ryerson University
  • John Miedema
  • Janey Chen, Ontario Legislative Library, Toronto
  • Rob McDonald, Carleton University
  • amy buckland, McGill University
  • Tricia Williams (pgwillia), Consultant/OurOntario
  • Mike Beccaria, Paul Smith's College (Paul Smiths, NY)
  • Amanda Etches-Johnson, McMaster University
  • Art Rhyno, University of Windsor
  • Mary Beth Baker, CIC (Ottawa)
  • Wayne Schneider, Hennepin County Library
  • Carol Serroul, CISTI
  • Graham Stewart, University of Toronto Libraries
  • Peter Zimmerman, University of Windsor
  • Margaret Kipp, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  • Dan Scott, Laurentian University
  • Lawrence Wardroper (Coursts Administration Services Library, Ottawa)
  • Matt McCollow, McMaster University
  • George Duimovich, NRCan Library (Ottawa)
  • Bobbi Fox, Harvard University Library (Massachusetts)
  • Dileshni Jayasinghe, OCUL, University of Toronto