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Welcome to the home of the new Ontario/Canada chapter of Code4Lib. Our aim is to create more opportunities for Code4Lib folks in the Ontario/Quebec/Manitoba/Northeast USA area to meet up in person.

Mailing list

Want to participate in Code4Lib North meetups and receive "North"-oriented Code4Lib announcements? Join the code4lib mailing list. (The code4lib-north mailing list was discontinued.)

Third Meeting: University of Windsor, May 24 and 25th, 2012

code4libnorth logo

Sign Up

We can handle a maximum of 40 people and you can signup here:


This unconference runs on love... and the kindness of the Leddy Library who will provide : coffee, lunch, and wireless and the space

When and Where

Dates: May 24 and 25th, 2012 (it's on!)
Location: 4th Floor, Leddy Library, University of Windsor: Google Map:


The University offers rooms and suites for travellers, youth, and families seeking overnight, short or extended accommodations through its Conference Services: description of services provided. Use this Registration Form to book a room with Conference Services.

In addition, University of Windsor special visit rates may be available by calling the local number and asking for the University of Windsor rate at certain hotels (which shouldn't dissuade you from staying wherever you prefer):

Holiday Inn Select 1855 Huron Church Road, Windsor Tel: 1-800-465-4329 or 519-966-1200 (3 km from campus)
Hampton Inn & Suites 1840 Huron Church Road, Windsor Tel: 800-Hampton or 519-972-0770 (3 km from campus)
Quality Suites Downtown 250 Dougall Ave., Windsor Tel: 519-977-9707 (3 km from campus) (frequently used hotel for participants in Conifer hackfests)
Caesars Windsor 377 Riverside Dr. East, Windsor Tel: 800-991-8888 (3 km from campus)
The Windsor Riverside Inn 333 Riverside Dr. West Tel: 519-977-9777 (2 km from campus)
Travelodge Hotel Windsor Downtown Windsor 33 Riverside Dr. East Tel: 519-258-7774 (3 km from campus)


We will be providing lunch and snacks. (please email organizers if you have a dietary restriction - we will be ordering vegetarian options but we want to make sure we have enough!)
Generally folks informally gather for supper.
Here are some of our nearby options: WindsorEats: Windsor West
But there is much more if we wander farther afield: WindsorEats
Near the university on Wyndotte Street are various Asian dining options including:

And here's a list of places that could probably fit 40 people:


A combination of 20 talks, 5 minute lightning talks, an Ask Anything session, workshops / hackfest time. We will try to find time for everyone who wants to present!

Previous code4lib north days have had the hacking and the speaking events on separate days. We're thinking about doing a little bit each day. What do you think - we'd like your feedback :

20 minutes talks :: feel free to sign up

Name Title
Ted Lawless easyArticle - steamlining access to library materials with OpenURL, automated interlibrary loan submission, vendor APIs, Django/Python.
Mita Williams my sekret art project
John Fink Embedded Linux Hijinx
Alison Hitchens RDA for coders/systems folk
Andrew McAlorum jQuery for Drupal 7

5 minutes talks :: feel free to sign up

Name Title
Nick Ruest Other Redmine uses
Tim Ribaric Circumvention using the Cloud?
Alison Hitchens #catcode: Cataloguers embrace Code Year

20 or 40 minute workshops: each one teach one

a workshop you are willing to lead
  • Intro to Git, if demand warrants -- if not, no big deal (John Fink)
a workshop of what you would love to attend
  • intro to IRC, meet zoia (Mita, Warren)
  • how to create a twitter bot (Mita)
  • intro to Git (Warren)

hackfest ideas :: scheme schemas

- build your own twitter bot; bot battles

hackfest ideas :: feel free to add to the list

  • twitter bot war with code4lib The Great Eastern?
  • changing Odessi XML records to MARC XML so OCUL libraries can load MARC for Odessi, esp. Stats Can stuff. We started this project at TUG, so need someone to help me get further or finish! (Alison)
  • CanPoetry Sprint: Canadian Poetry Online needs an overhaul! CanPoetry is a web anthology of contemporary Canadian poetry, providing biographies and full-text poems from Canada's leading poets. Currently, it is being migrated to Drupal from the static HTML. Join in this code sprint to help with site building, development, and theming of the new version. More details to follow. (Andrew McAlorum)
  • LibraryBox is a customized version of PirateBox that can run be run on the inexpensive TP-Link MR 3020. Currently, it acts as a simple file server but it could potentially offer a more library-focused service, such as an eBook server for nearby devices using OPDS. (Warren)
  • Evergreen: The Evergreen project is currently recruiting volunteers for the Google Summer of Code effort and has a list of project ideas. Some of these ideas, if not already claimed by a student GSoC participant, might make for interesting hackfest projects.

code4lib north organizational team

  • Mita Williams
  • Karen Pillon
  • Peter Zimmerman
  • Jennifer Soutter
  • Cathy Maskell
  • Ranti Junus (Michigan State)

hashtag and twitter list

Code4lib North Meetups in Ottawa

Purpose: To connect with other code4libbers in the area and start building a code4lib community in Ottawa, Ontario

Next Meetup

The next meetup is planned for mid-June 2012 (we'll take May off for code4lib North in Windsor). As usual, please bring your laptops, tablets, demos, problems, and topics of discussion. Beginners are always welcome!

Those interested in attending or speaking can e-mail for more information and (if not on the code4lib mailing list) to be kept informed of future events.

Past Meetups

The inaugural code4lib Ottawa meetup occurred on March 28, 2012 and was a simple meet-and-greet at a local pub. Since then, we try to combine this social event with some short interesting talks. Here is what we have learned about in recent meetups:

April 24, 2012 - Show and Tell Session

Presenter Description of Talk
Max Neuvians : An approach to Twitter data visualization, archiving, and the larger narrative.
Richard Akerman Richard Akerman and Mary Beth Baker are organizing a Reading Garden at the upcoming Canadian Library Association conference. They are seeking advice on how to provide wireless access. Anyone with ideas is encouraged to get in touch with them.
Warren Layton A quick demo of LibraryBox, a wireless filesharing device, which may have interesting applications in government and other libraries where IT restrictions can limit network use.

Second Meeting: McMaster University, May 5-6, 2011

Sign Up

We can handle a maximum of 50 people and you can signup here:

When and Where

Dates: May 5-6, 2011


Our helpful folks in Research Collections put this guide together a while back.

Parking, Campus Map, Public Transit

  • Parking - I understand we have the most expensive parking in OCUL. I'm sorry :( - There is one bit of good news: if you park in the M lot, the day rate drops from $20 to $5. The M lot is about a 10-12 minute walk from the library, and there is a shuttle that will take you part of the way.
  • Campus map - we are building #10 - Mills Memorial Library
  • Public Transit
  • HSR buses that come to campus are: 1, 51, 5c, 52, and 10 - The 10 and 52 drop off by the hospital, the others drop off right outside Mills.


Keep with tradition set last year - No cost and McMaster University has tentatively agreed to provided coffee, lunch, space, and wireless.


Day 1:

  • Hackfest (send problems/proposals to John Fink and Nick Ruest)

Day 2

  • 5-minute lighting talks
  • 20-minute talks
  • BOAF/breakouts

20-minute talks

I'd like to start a new tradition with Code4Lib North and deposit the slides and *maybe* recordings of the presentations in our IR. If people are cool with this, I can get it all setup prior to the event.

Name Title
William J Turkel Functional Programming Workout
Dileshni Jayasinghe & Majid Valipour Programming at Scholars Portal: apps and APIs
William Wueppelmann The Canadiana Web API
Dan Chudnov WWIC? Linked Library Data as a Customer Service Medium
Mita Williams We're jamun (and we hope you like jamun too)
William Denton Getting started with R
Alan Harnum When All You Have Is XSLT, Everything Looks Like XML: Heterogeneous Cloud-Based Content Management Using Google Docs and Other Services
Wendy Huot Why can't a web page be more like a book? Using LaTeX with Readability to generate better 'print friendly' versions of web pages
Chris Charles Introduction to Google Refine
Karen A. Coombs Zend Framework: making using web services easier

5-minute lighting talks

Name Title
Andrew McAlorum Transition to Unity
Dale Askey Fun with Failure, or, Learning to Stick a Fork in Things
Alison Hitchens Getting testers to test what you need to have tested!
Alison Hitchens Using RT Tracker for user feedback

First Meeting: Kingston ON, May 6-7, 2010

Sign up

Free registration -- but registration is now closed (we have 40+ signed up).

When and Where

May 6-7, 2010

  • Thursday: 2pm-5:30pm, followed by dinner and drinks
  • Friday: 9am-4:30pm

Meeting location:


There was no charge. Queen's University very generously supplied the space, the Internet connection, and free lunch on Friday!

How to get involved

Join the mailing list. That is where the planning will happen.


  • 5-minute lighting talks
  • 20-minute talks
  • BOAF sessions
  • Maybe a hackfest.

How many are attending?

45 people have registered. Most will be attending.


Thursday May 6:

  • 2pm-5pm: Open format (hang out and hack)
  • Evening: Go out for dinner and drinks


  • 9am-4:30pm: Schedule currently "under construction" -- see table below.

Morning Break: 10:30-10:45 .... Lunch: 12-1 ....

Afternoon: 5 minute lightning talks .... "Birds of a feather" breakout sessions (sign up sheets on front table)

Name Description
William Denton OpenFRBR
Walter Lewis Exposing Linked Data
Art Rhyno Open Layers and Newspapers (Walter Lewis)
MJ Suhonos Location-aware Mobile Search
Alan Harnum Building A Library Website with Endeca technology
Wendy Huot "Your feedback, please": library web design critique
Glen Newton Using Open Source Tools for Visualization and Semantic Mapping in a Large Scale Article Digital Library
Eric Palmitesta XQuery
John Miedema OpenBook WordPress Plugin Update - Why It's Cool to Love OpenURL +++
Nasser Saleh Coagmento!: a potential collaborative search tool

Who's interested in Code4Lib North?

Declare your interest in a Code4lib North chapter:

  • Wendy Huot, Queen's University
  • Michael Vandenburg, Queen's University
  • William Denton, York University
  • John Fink, McMaster University
  • Nick Ruest, McMaster University
  • Walter Lewis, Halton Hills/OurOntario
  • Edward Corrado, Binghamton University (NY, USA)
  • Warren Layton, Library of Parliament (Ottawa)
  • Pascal Calarco, University of Notre Dame (IN, USA)
  • Rob Fox, University of Notre Dame (IN, USA)
  • Mita Williams, University of Windsor
  • John Fereira, Cornell University
  • MJ Suhonos, Toronto Public Library
  • Dianne Dietrich, Cornell University
  • David Fiander, University of Western Ontario
  • Peter Schlumpf, Avanti Library Systems
  • Roy Zimmer, Western Michigan University
  • Kimberly Silk, Martin Prosperity Institute, University of Toronto
  • Andrew Darby, Ithaca College (Ithaca, NY)
  • Laura Harris, Grand Valley State University (western Michigan)
  • Tim Ribaric, Brock University
  • Sibyl Schaefer, University of Vermont
  • Peter Ellinger, Ontario Legislative Library, Toronto
  • Keith Jenkins, Cornell University
  • Patrick M. Lozeau
  • Mike Kreyche, Kent State University
  • Graham McCarthy, Ryerson University
  • John Miedema
  • Janey Chen, Ontario Legislative Library, Toronto
  • Rob McDonald, Carleton University
  • Amy Buckland, McGill University
  • Tricia Williams (pgwillia), Consultant/OurOntario
  • Mike Beccaria, Paul Smith's College (Paul Smiths, NY)
  • Amanda Etches-Johnson, McMaster University
  • Art Rhyno, University of Windsor
  • Mary Beth Baker, CIC (Ottawa)
  • Wayne Schneider, Hennepin County Library
  • Carol Serroul, CISTI
  • Graham Stewart, University of Toronto Libraries
  • Peter Zimmerman, University of Windsor
  • Margaret Kipp, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  • Dan Scott, Laurentian University
  • Lawrence Wardroper (Courts Administration Services Library, Ottawa)
  • Matt McCollow, McMaster University
  • George Duimovich, NRCan Library (Ottawa)
  • Bobbi Fox, Harvard University Library (Massachusetts)
  • Dileshni Jayasinghe, OCUL, University of Toronto
  • Eric Palmitesta, OCUL, University of Toronto
  • Alexander O'Neill, Robertson Library, University of Prince Edward Island
  • Chris Beer, WGBH (Massachusetts)
  • Robin Isard, Algoma University (Sault Ste Marie ON)
  • Pat Moore, Carleton University (Ottawa ON)
  • Alan Harnum, Toronto Public LIbrary (Toronto ON)
  • Colin Prince, University of Toronto Libraries
  • Tom Keays, Syracuse University LIbrary (Syracuse, NY)
  • Chris Charles, University of Guelph (Guelph, ON)
  • John MacGillivray, Carleton University (Ottawa ON)
  • Lester Webb, Kingston Frontenac Public Library (Kingston ON)
  • Elizabeth Goldman, Kingston Frontenac Public Library (Kingston ON)
  • Jennifer O'Donnell, Kingston Frontenac Public Library (Kingston ON)
  • David Smith, Kingston Frontenac Public Library (Kingston ON)
  • Loren Fantin, Our Ontario,Knowledge Ontario
  • Daulton Theodore, Carleton University (Ottawa, ON)
  • Peter MacDonald, Hamilton College (Clinton, NY)
  • Rebecca Larocque, North Bay Public Library (North Bay, ON)
  • Doris Rankin, Library and Information Management Consultant, Ottawa, ON
  • Diane Bédard, Learn Ontario & Our Ontario; Knowledge Ontario
  • Andre Vellino, CISTI / University of Ottawa
  • Mark Swartz, Queen's University
  • Adam Wead, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archives (Cleveland, OH)
  • Pramila Thakur, Ontario Legislative Library, Toronto
  • Anthony Petryk, University of Ottawa
  • Jan Dawson, Ask Ontario, Knowledge Ontario
  • Glen Newton, Carleton University
  • Patrick McMaster, Leeds & the 1000 Islands, Rideau Lakes, and North Grenville Public Libraries
  • Nasser Saleh, Queen's University (Kingston ON)
  • Stéfan Sinclair, McMaster University
  • William J Turkel, University of Western Ontario
  • Shirley Lew, Vancouver Community College, (Vancouver BC)
  • Edward Bilodeau, McGill University
  • Andrew McAlorum, University of Toronto Libraries

Meeting Location Suggestions for the Future

  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Sudbury, Ontario
  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • Montreal, Quebec