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(The Policies)
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== The Policies ==
* [http://www.oclc.org/worldcat/catalog/policy/ Policy for Use and Transfer of WorldCat® Records] (second and final version)
* [http://marc.coffeecode.net/oclc_2008_11_02/ Archived copy of first version]
* [http://www.librarything.com/wiki/index.php?title=OCLC_Policy_Changes&diff=11748&oldid=11747 Diff between the two versions]
* [http://www.oclc.org/support/documentation/worldcat/records/guidelines/default.htm Previous 1987 version]
== Petition ==
== Petition ==

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The Policies


There is now a petition called Stop the OCLC powergrab! started by Aaron Swartz to change the new policy. Background in his post Stealing Your Library: The OCLC Powergrab.

Commentary Regarding First Revision (nov 2)

Commentary Regarding Second Revision (nov 5) / General

Date Author Title
2008-11-02 Reese, Terry OCLC’s proposed new guidelines for the transfer of bibliographic records
2008-11-03 Reese, Terry What would it look like if OCLC was broken up?
2008-11-04 Calhoun, Karen Notes on OCLC's Updated Record Use Policy (NC)
2008-11-04 Panlibus What are OCLC playing at?
2008-11-05 Coombs, Karen Who’s record is it anyway?
2008-11-05 Corrado, Ed karen calhoun on oclc’s updated record use policy
2008-11-05 Corrado, Ed new oclc policy on worldcat records re-released
2008-11-05 Open Content Alliance New OCLC Records Policy Generates Debate
2008-11-05 Reese, Terry A look at the Policy for Use and Transfer of WorldCat Records revision
2008-11-05 Rochkind, Jonathan More on OCLC’s policies
2008-11-06 Library Journal After Delay, OCLC Lays Out New Policy for Records Use and Transfer (NC)
2008-11-06 Repohate Declaration of Independance of Metadata
2008-11-06 Rochkind, Jonathan copyright trivia, one more
2008-11-06 Styles, Rob OCLC, Record Usage, Copyright, Contracts and the Law
2008-11-07 Corrado, Ed update on oclc worldcat policy
2008-11-07 Rochkind, Jonathan A logical OCLC argument
2008-11-07 Wallis, Richard (Panlibus) Keeping the WorldCat in the bag
2008-11-12 Rochkind, Jonathan I don’t actually want to destroy OCLC
2008-11-12 Uncontrolled Vocabulary #62 (podcast) A Reliable Guide to Unicorns
2008-11-12 Wallis, Richard (Panlibus) OCLC – any questions?
2008-11-13 Hartman-Caverly, Sarah Final ‘Policy for Use and Transfer of WorldCat Records’ Posted by OCLC
2008-11-13 O'Steen, Ben OCLC - viral licence being added to WorldCat data
2008-11-13 Slashdot Non-Profit Org Claims Rights In Library Catalog Data (NC)
2008-11-13 Swartz, Aaron Stealing Your Library: The OCLC Powergrab (NC)
2008-11-14 Inside Higher Ed Maelstrom Over Metadata (NC)
2008-11-14 Calhoun, Karen & Roy Tennant with Richard Wallis (podcast) OCLC Talk with Talis about the new Record Use Policy
2008-11-14 Calhoun, Karen (via Autocat) OCLC Record Use Policy (NC)
2008-11-14 Corrado, Ed OCLC WorldCat Record Policy makes it to Inside Higher Ed and Slashdot
2008-11-14 Libology More OCLC Comments
2008-11-14 Litwin, Roy OCLC Powergrab?
2008-11-14 Sanches, Elaine (via Autocat) Petition to stop OCLC from initiating the new WorldCat Policy (NC)
2008-11-14 Styles, Rob More OCLC Policy…
2008-11-14 Suburban Banshee OCLC Gets Grabby
2008-11-15 Corrado, Ed Talis Podcast about OCLC WorldCat Record Use Policy with Karen Clahoun and Roy Tennant
2008-11-15 LISnews OCLC Claims Ownership of Data In OPACs
2008-11-15 Swartz, Aaron OCLC on the Run (NC)
2008-11-15 West, Jessamyn What is up with OCLC?
2008-11-16 Mazzocchi, Stefano Rule #1 for Surviving Paradigm Shifts: Don’t S**t Where You Eat
2008-11-16 Rochkind, Jonathan more OCLC
2008-11-16 Schwartz, Christine Essential listening: Calhoun and Tennant on OCLC's policy
2008-11-17 Alford, Larry (Chair, OCLC Board of Trustees) An open letter to the OCLC membership on the WorldCat Record Use Policy (NC)
2008-11-17 Annoyed Librarian How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love OCLC (NC)
2008-11-18 Mehta, Devanshu On Community-Based Collaboration: Lesson From the OCLC Debacle
2008-11-18 Styles, Rob Schroedinger’s WorldCat
2008-11-19 Lang, John OCLC and Google Policy Discussion Continues…11.19.08
2008-11-19 Library 2.0 Gang (podcast) Library 2.0 Gang 10/08: Policy – OCLC & Google Book Search
2008-11-19 Sauers, Michael (screenshot) Hey Roy, remember this? (NC)
2008-11-19 Uncontrolled Vocabulary #63 (podcast) Uncontrolled Vocabulary #63 - AACR3, now with FRBR (OCLC discussion starts at the 20:50 mark.)
2008-11-19 Mark Ockerbloom, John Drawing a line in the sand, Part 1: The importance of open library metadata
2008-11-20 Spalding, Tim OCLC Policy Re-re-released, now in unfriendly PDF
2008-11-21 Sauers, Michael OCLC and CC
2008-11-21 Mehta, Devanshu Continuing Adventures of WorldCat: Conditions, not Restrictions
2008-11-21 Wallis, Richard OCLC - Questions Answers and an Open Letter
2008-11-21 Coyle, Karen Fork WorldCat
2008-11-21 Mark Ockerbloom, John Drawing a line in the sand, Part 2: Problems with OCLC’s catalog policy
2008-11-24 Kleinman, Molly The OCLC data licensing saga: Adapt or die
2008-11-24 Rochkind, Jonathan Of Identifiers, matching, OCLCnums, and Umlaut
2008-11-24 Mark Ockerbloom, John Drawing a line in the sand, Part 3: How to respond?
2008-11-24 Rochkind, Jonathan Creative Commons is not appropriate for data
2008-11-25 Salo, Dorothea OCLC, catalogue records, and labor
2008-11-25 Mehta, Devanshu I Can Haz Worldcat?
2008-11-26 Rochkind, Jonathan OCLC, and what we lose without openness (a True Story)
2008-11-26 Corrado, Ed Putting Your Golden Eggs in One Basket
2008-11-28 Coyle, Karen OCLC Use Policy Details: Your Records
2008-11-28 Coyle, Karen OCLC Use Policy Details: Use and Transparency

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