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First meeting agenda

  1. Group documentarian
  2. Timeframe
    1. trello 'master schedule' workspace:
    2. Target date to open registration is Dec 10th. However that may be pushed back to early January depending on how firm the budget numbers are.
    3. Week of 'voting' to gauge interest
    4. Proposed timeframe:
      1. 9/30: Call for proposals issued immediately after meeting (see draft call text below)
      2. 11/15: Proposals deadline
      3. 11/16-11/20: Voting via put your name on wiki under session of interest call to listserv
      4. 11/21-12/4: Confirm selected sessions along with needs, space, etc with session leaders
      5. 12/5: Have pre-conference schedule in place for public view
  3. Preconference space
    1. Overview of space will equal how many sessions can we accept
    2. Will we need registration limits (and how to determine this in registration page)
    3. What will presenters need to bring (projects, computers, etc.)
  4. Allyship session
    1. Participation interest
    2. Extra fee / Sponsorship
  5. Voting method: Time-honored method of issuing call to Code4Lib listserv asking folks to put their name under the session they are most interested in attending in the wiki, and if they don't have the wiki, emailing one of the pre-conf folks to do so for them. The dieboldatron just doesn't work for this kind of voting, alas.
  6. Text of call for proposals

Subject line: Call for Code4Lib 2016 Pre-Conference Proposals

Text: Code4Lib 2015 Pre-Conference Proposals:

We are now accepting pre-conference proposals for the 2016 Code4Lib in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - read more about the conference here: These pre-conferences can either be a 1-day or a 1/2-day session and will occur on Monday, March 7, 2016.

To propose a session, please add the proposal to this wiki page directly, following the proposal formatting guidelines: If you cannot or do not wish to edit the wiki directly, you can email one of us listed below your proposal and we will add it for you.

We are taking proposals until November 15th, and we hope to confirm sessions with the leaders starting November 21st.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to email us.

Best, Names, Emails of pre-conf committee