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Code4Lib 2016 Preconference Workshop Leaders Guide

Here is some information to help you make your Code4Lib 2016 Preconference Workshop a success.

Before the workshops

In the time leading up to Code4Lib 2016, please do the following:

  • Prepare and pack USB drives with anything your participants may need to download. Have a plan for what will happen if WiFi goes down.
  • Pack your dongle (display adapter)!! We cannot guarantee to have the one you need at the venues. Expect VGA connections, though some rooms will have HDMI as well.
  • For all workshop leaders, please fill out our Code4Lib 2016 speakers profile form ASAP. Link: This will display information about you on the Code4Lib 2016 Website.
  • Help attendees prepare for your workshop by posting and emailing preparatory materials:
    • Emails to those currently registered (lists will be emailed to workshop leaders separately)
    • Link to your preparatory materials on the Code4Lib 2016 Website (for those who may have not registered yet so won't receive your email):
      • To do this, you can submit a pull request to the Code4Lib 2016 website on Github at
        • Navigate to _posts/ and find your session (will begin with '2016-03-0-7')
        • Please don't edit the structured data area, marked off with '---' above and below. Any content below the structured data can be edited as you desire!
      • Or, if you aren't comfortable submitting a pull request, you can send your preconference contact your changes or additions and we will take care of it for you

During the workshops

Please do the following during your workshop:

  • Get a rough head count of attendees and share this with your Preconference contact or on site Code4Lib 2016 volunteer.
  • Please remind people to only use the wifi with one device during the workshop.

We expect to update this page as new information is decided/emerges, so check back regularly and keep in touch with your preconference contacts.

And thank you again for taking part!