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Really Obtuse Generalized Underutilized Elaborations (ROGUE) is a standards making body formed on Friday September 23 2005 at 4:35pm. Like other minimalist movements such as DOGME 95 and SCRWU 03 we operate on a handful of basic inviolable principles:

  • Specifications must fit on one page
  • Specifications are developed on public lists
  • The specification process starts with a public draft
  • Specifications have a 120-day cycle with drafts due at 30 and 60 days and a ballot spec due at 90 days
  • Three separate and verifiable implementations are required for every draft revision to complete the 30, 60, and 90 day steps
  • Failing three separate implementations within any 30 day step, specifications are abandoned
  • Comments are welcome/encouraged from the public for 30 days after publication of ballot spec at 90 day mark
  • Final votes on comments are taken after 30 day comment period from individuals having submitted working implementations
  • In case of a tie, implementation submitters from the 30, 60, and 90 day steps who submitted multiple implementations at one step or implementations at multiple steps get an extra vote, which counts as many times as their implementation submissions. In case of a tie, still, the original draft author breaks the tie.
  • Specifications must be public documents which do not restrict copying or implementation in any way
  • During the specification process, and after any successfully balloted specifications are completed (having passed a vote at the 120 day mark), specifications must remain publicly accessible at a stable location

ROGUE 05 welcomes participation from anyone, anywhere, at no cost. Add your own below:

  • COinS-PMH - The ContextObjects in Spans Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (COinS-PMH) is a simplified version of the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting v2.0 (OAI-PMH) for use with ContextObjects in Spans (COinS).
  • unAPI - unAPI is a tiny HTTP API for the few basic operations necessary to copy discrete, identified content from any kind of web application.