Find roommates for Code4Lib 2009, someone to share rides with or alternate housing options. For those looking for activity information and who else is interested, see the Conference Buzz page.



  • Jonathan Brinley (jbrinley) is looking for a roommate. No-smoking, snoring optional (yes, I snore). I'm often in #code4lib, also easy to find on the Internet.
  • Ray Schwartz - Looking to be a roomate. Arriving by Train on the 22nd and leaving on the 26th. schwartzr2 @ or 201-424-4491.
  • Derek Merleaux - looking to be a roomate - just for the night of Wed. 2/25 derek.merleaux @ or 203-432-7382
  • Matt Connolly is looking for a roommate Monday 2/23 - Thursday 2/26. I can be reached via email at mjc12 at cornell dot edu.


  • Emily Lynema (ejlynema) looking for a roommate. Room is booked for check-in on 2/23, check-out on 2/26. Catch me on-channel with my nick or email me.
    • tentatively rooming with Becky Yoose as of 12/22/08
  • Emily Molanphy -- booked a room from 2/23 (I'll be arriving late--11pm?--but you can check in before me) to 2/26. emily dot molanphy at
  • Jason Casden -- One night on 2/22 in the conference hotel at the conference rate ($135+tax) for anyone attending a pre-conference. email me.



  • I (anarchivist) am going to be taking Amtrak up to Providence, but I'll be going to drupal4libcamp in Darien, CT on the Friday following code4lib. I'd like to go down that morning (allowing me to spend another night in Providence). Is anyone else going, and if so, would anyone be up for sharing a one-way car rental or at least be up for the ridiculously early train ride? I'm in #code4lib, and also otherwise easily contactable online.
  • I (Cary Gordon) am also going to Darien, but I have reservations in Stamford on the 26th. I am definitely either in search of a ride on the 26th or up for sharing a car.
  • I (Kevin Clarke) was wondering if folks are arriving at the airport after 10pm on the 22nd. If so, wondering about sharing a cab over to the hotel since the buses and shuttles aren't running that late.
  • Anyone driving to Providence from NY or CT on Tuesday morning (24th) I (Derek Merleaux) am looking for a ride from New Haven - email me derek.merleaux AT
  • Anyone cabbing/driving to Providence airport 2-26, I (kgs) want to pick up a rental car there and would appreciate the ride (and will split the cab with you)


  • I'll [royt] likely be flying into Boston on Sunday, Feb. 22 around 5pm and driving down to Providence from there. Anyone arriving at Logan around then going to the conference can get a free ride. Let me know if you're interested. Also, I'll be returning at the end of the conference if you want a ride back.
  • UVA will have a van going from Charlottesville. We'll have at least four people, but could fit a few more especially if you chipped in for the van rental and / or gas. Anyone from Richmond, Washington D.C., Baltimore, or Philadelphia interested? If so, email Bess at bess [at] virginia [dot] edu
  • I (abarrera) will be driving to Providence from Princeton on the 22nd, then to Stamford on the 26th for drupal4lib, before returning to the Princeton area. Contact me if you would like to tag along on some stretch.
  • I (kgs) will be driving to Provincetown the afternoon of Feb 26 for a haircut and walkabout. If you would like to tag along, holler.
  • I (kgs) will likely keep the rental car and use it to get to the airport 2-27. Holler if you want a ride and your name isn't Mike. ;)

Alternate Housing

As of January 12 the code4lib group block at the Renaissance Providence is sold out. Rooms are still available but the rate is $219 per night. There may be some attrition over time so it may be worth calling the hotel to see if a room at the group rate ($135) has become available. -- 888 236-2427, 401-919-5000

Some nearby hotels (all in walking distance of the Renaissance) are below. Check for AAA or government rates if applicable.

  • Courtyard Providence: 1-800-321-2211, 1-401-272-1191

  • Hilton Providence: 1-800-HILTONS, 1-401-831-3900

  • Omni Providence Hotel: 814-623-8100, (401) 598-8000

  • Hotel Providence 800-861-8990, 401-861-8000

  • Providence Biltmore 800-294-7709

  • Airbed & Breakfast let's you couchsurf or rent a private bedroom with a local who has been reviewed. There are listings for as cheap as $35.


Everything under here was integrated into the Conference Buzz page.


Everything under here was integrated into the Conference Buzz page.