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Hotel RFI Cribbed from the RFI Elizabeth Duell sent out for the Seattle Conference.

Location: [City, State]

Dates: [Mon-Thurs. Usually in Feb]

Time: 8am-5:30pm daily

How many: 250 people with tables and chairs.

Room Reservation Information: Rooms will be needed from [Dates]. We would like to extend the conference rate to the weekend before and after.

Extremely tentatively:
 [Sunday before]: 20
 [Monday]: 60
 [Tues]: 60
 [Wed]: 60
 [Thurs]: 20

Meeting Room Setup:

   * a large room that will fit up to 250 people in half rounds (5-7 each round) or in rows with tables.
   * possibility of 4 or more rooms 30-50 people each for Mon-Thurs.
   * if possible, separate dining space for lunch only

Technology needs:

   See #Wireless Connectivity section for bandwidth and wifi requirements.
   Microphones: 3 wireless
   Projection/Screens: We will need an 8-10' screen. 
   The ability to provide our own equipment.


[Mon]: No food needed. (Pre-Conference)
[Tues]: Coffee/Continental Breakfast
       AM Break
       PM Break
[Wed]: Coffee/Continental Breakfast
       AM Break
       PM Break
[Thur]: Coffee/Continental Breakfast
       AM Break
       Departing Snack?

Other Info:

   * Must have Vegetarian, Vegan and Non-Gluten options and be able to deal with food allergy requests.
   * Rooms need to be separated enough for business meeting conversations to happen. If the room is separated with divider, needs to be fairly sound-proof.

Contact info: [Your info]

Wireless Connectivity

Questions that Cary Gordon and Elizabeth sent out to hotels for the Seattle Conference.


We are considering your venue for the Code4Lib conference in [Month][year]. We are anticipating [250?] library technology people and have some specific questions about your internet services:

Is your venue able to provide at least 8 mb/sec guaranteed service, either through a dedicated connection or a private VLAN?

Can you provide multi-band access points that support both 2.4GHz & 5GHz service -- 802.11b, g, n and, ideally, 802.11a?

Can your system accommodate at least 300 simultaneous connections?

How many access points will you provide in the main conference room? Are those access points movable?

Please provide a chart showing access point locations for the rooms we will use.

Can you provide a separate wired connection for presenters?

If there is anything on the list that you cannot provide, can you suggest alternatives?

Is there anything else we need to know about your venue?

Please contact [your networking person] with any questions regarding this request.

Any other questions, please feel free to contact me. My contact information is below.

Thank you for your time!